Build future-proof software products with digital engineering services

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are adopting social, mobile, and cloud technologies to drive innovation, accelerate product development, and optimize costs.  

Nous enables software product companies to respond rapidly to changing market needs and transform their product development through robust digital product engineering solutions. We deliver feature-rich, high-quality digital products leveraging the best development technologies, tools, approaches, and environments.


Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

With a customer-centric and agile approach, we leverage integrated disruptive technologies to enable clients to develop highly optimized digital products customized to their needs.

UI/UX development

Product development

Mobile development

Product transformation

Product testing

Product maintenance & support

Product Enhancement

Product Enhancement

Nous help ISVs enhance and innovate their existing product features and quality within a minimal time frame to meet growing market and customer needs.

Product gap analysis and conceptualization

Product roadmap and architecture

Addition of new features

Product integration

Change release management

Product transition

Legacy Transformation

Legacy Transformation

Nous legacy transformation services help ISVs modernize and constantly upgrade their products to address the issues of ever-changing technology platforms.

Product transition planning

Design and re-architecture

Re-engineering services

Develop migration strategies

Application, data, database migration

Product Strategy & Consulting

Product Strategy & Consulting

Nous helps transform ideas into market-ready products.

Product Vision

Product MVP to Market

Product Lifecycle

Product Analytics

Implementation & System Integration     

Nous offers templates, frameworks, standards, and reusable components to enable efficient implementation, integration, and turnaround for time-critical projects. 

Product Testing      

Nous offers on-demand, scalable, and cost-effective product testing services across the entire product lifecycle across multiple technologies and domains.   

Benefits of Digital Product Engineering Services

Accelerated time-to-market of enhanced product-line up 

Significant reduction in the cost of development, migration, maintenance, testing, and support 

Dedicated Centres of Competency to strategize on technology adoption 

Agile product development methodology to power customer-centric high-quality applications 

Why Nous?

product releases
performance-driven development
proven engineering frameworks
driversified technology
flexible engagement

More than two decades of experience delivering impactful digital products for leading global enterprises and ISVs.

Ability to connect business strategy and product development to deliver fast-performant products that excel in the real world.

Pre-built frameworks, proprietary tools, and accelerators for effective delivery, governance, and knowledge coverage.

Deep domain expertise and experienced cross-functional global engineering talent pool skilled in the latest technologies.

Tailor-made engagement plans and mature process models to meet big or small needs with complete scalability of resources.

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