Like technology, industry requirements too are in need of an increased pace. Therefore, enterprises now need to pick up speed and push the pedal to the metal. This can be challenging owing to lack of process, and possible delay with legacy tools. Many customer requests, IT incidents, and HR cases get entangled in a course loop, between people, machines, and departments. Staying unstructured and unimproved for years.

ServiceNow, follows ITIL V3 guidelines and supports IT service management and automates common business processes. ServiceNow offers number of inbuilt applications like Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management (CMDB), Asset Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Level Management etc., custom applications can be created as per requirement.

Why Nous

Nous Infosystems has a dedicated team, experienced and skilled in ServiceNow. This team is committed to facilitate enterprises in customizing out-of-box (OOB) ServiceNow application as per organization requirements.
Deploying SNOW can facilitate organizations in creating a single system of record for enterprise IT, reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, it can be applied to build custom applications for automating activities depending on customer requirements.
Our expert team of SNOW script consultants have a strong ITIL process knowledge and prior web development knowledge including JavaScript, Ajax, Database concept etc. Which gives a solid foundation to work with ServiceNow scripting means in Glide and Jelly.
Nous Infosystems’ ServiceNow and process consultants are expert in implementation, administration and customization of ServiceNow instances, and have a strong practical experience of process implementation for large organizations.
We help our customers with the implementation, customization, support and administration of ServiceNow. Be it a simple requirement to implement ITSM or bringing an improvement to a current solution, Nous Infosystems has the expertise to help you deliver the desired IT Service Management program.
Nous Infosystems team has extensive experience in integrating ServiceNow with multiple third party applications using SOAP and REST based web service API. Our consulting team will closely work with your organization and understand the existing gaps and flaws and summarize with gap analysis document, feasibility document, solution architecture document, high level design document etc.

Nous Infosystems’ ServiceNow team has proven expertise in following ServiceNow Services:

ServiceNow Administration Services

ServiceNow Administration Services
  • ServiceNow support and maintenance
  • User, groups, roles, company, location, department creation, deletion and modification
  • Role allotment to the users and groups
  • Implementation of ServiceNow security and access control using ACL
  • Email and application templates creation, deletion and modification
  • Data importing and exporting
  • Report designing as per organization needs
  • Delegates management & job scheduling
  • Home page administration
  • Data backup, restoration and archiving
  • SNOW instance cloning & survey designing

ServiceNow Integration Services

ServiceNow Integration Services
  • SNOW integration with organization active directory using LDAP integration
  • SNOW SSO implementation
  • SNOW integration with third party system using SOAP and REST based web services
  • SNOW Event Management integration with external monitoring systems
  • Monitor organization critical services using Service Watch, Service Mapping application
  • Data Analytics using SNOW performance analytics applicationData Analytics using SNOW performance analytics application
  • CI population inside CMDB/Configuration Management using Discovery, MID server
  • Provide DevOps and automation capability using SNOW Orchestration application

ServiceNow Services

ServiceNow Services
  • ServiceNow IT Business Management
  • ServiceNow Application Development
  • ServiceNow Service Management
  • ServiceNow IT Operation Management
  • ServiceNow Performance Analytics
  • ServiceNow Security Operations
  • ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

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