Leverage the full potential of ServiceNow

Ensuring a healthy ServiceNow environment and keeping pace with the ever-expanding platform is key to achieving ServiceNow ROI and operational success. However, many ServiceNow customers face barriers that prevent them from leveraging the full potential of the NOW platform. 

Nous has created SNOW Desk – a highly flexible, subscription-based solution to manage all ServiceNow needs. SNOW Desk provides both dedicated and shared services models and delivers a range of operational, tactical, and strategic services tuned to meet unique ServiceNow requirements. 



Continuous Stability Monitoring

Real-time monitoring ensures proactive issue identification for uninterrupted critical services

Enhanced Framework Performance

Optimized workflows and streamlined ticketing lead to improved system efficiency and prompt customer service responses

Cost-Effective Operations

Automated workflows and resource optimization reduce internal costs, allowing flexible budget allocation and maximizing ROI

Proactive Resolution Expertise

ServiceNow’s Predictive Intelligence and AIOps capabilities enable pre-emptive monitoring, rapid incident responses, and seamless service delivery

Innovation Access Gateway

Through robust integration, collaborative access to cutting-edge features is facilitated, guided by tech experts for strategic evolution

Nous’ Value Added ServiceNow Offerings

App Engine

Nous is proud to announce its achievement of the prestigious certification as a ServiceNow App Engine Competent entity. This recognition stems from our extensive portfolio of tailor-made applications crafted on the Now Platform for clients, reinforcing our competitive edge. Moreover, our team consists of highly skilled experts proficient in employing the low-code/no-code approach to construct applications with enhanced intelligence and efficiency.

License Optimization

Nous presents License Workbench as the all-in-one solution to potentially reduce software licensing costs by up to 70%. Access all subscription-related information, including details on licenses purchased, allocated, and compliance status, through a single dashboard that provides real-time updates.


At Nous, we have the capability to identify opportunities for automating your business processes, elevating overall productivity. This not only diminishes the likelihood of errors inherent in manual work but also guarantees the delivery of services at a high standard. Our specialization encompasses key areas such as Automation Testing Framework and Active Directory automation, underscoring our expertise in refining and enhancing crucial operational aspects.


Integrate your platform seamlessly with applications such as SAP, Workday, NetSuite, SolarWinds, Altiris, DNA-C, Jenkins, Ansible, Active Directory, SharePoint, and other enterprise solutions to enhance connectivity and streamline operations with ServiceNow. Experience a smooth integration process through ServiceNow’s Integration Hub, eliminating service disruptions, ensuring high performance and heightened efficiency with Nous.



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Snow Desk: managed services for ServiceNow

Ensure a healthy ServiceNow environment with Nous’ highly flexible, subscription-based solution to meet unique requirements.

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