IT service today is not just about solving IT incidents or addressing change and problem management needs. It is also about aligning IT with business goals to enhance business value and achieve real business outcomes. As such, one of the most important investments that businesses should make is in the safety, functionality, and efficiency of their technology. While an in-house team can support your business, outsourcing your IT services can bring long-term benefits.

Traditional IT support providers only render services in reaction to an issue or a required upgrade in your network. The support, in this case, only comes into play when something is broken or needs to be fixed. Managed IT services seek to prevent problems and ensure peak stability and performance in a company’s IT infrastructure with a proactive approach and through regular monitoring.

What are Managed IT Services?

In simple terms, Managed IT Services are the IT services of an organization outsourced to an external IT service provider offering unlimited IT support at various price packages. The external service provider works in alignment with the organizational requirements like detailed monitoring, upgrades, network securities, data backup, storage, and so on.

Why does your company need Managed IT Services?

More and more organizations are opting for a Managed IT Services model instead of traditional IT services, i.e., managing all their operations internally. Managed IT services reduce IT risks and help companies become future-ready in terms of technology disruptions.

With IT being managed by experts, companies can focus on their core business instead of spending time and resources dealing with day-to-day IT issues. Leveraging Managed IT Services also helps in reducing overall costs, enhancing business agility, and meeting customer demands on time, every time.

Choosing ServiceNow Managed IT Services

While using the ServiceNow platform standalone, organizations may not be able to utilize the full potential of its services like faster issue resolution, automation of tasks, use of superior intelligence, and more. This may hinder business growth or result in low ROI to an extent.

Using a specialized ServiceNow Managed service provider empowers you to utilize the complete potential of the ServiceNow platform mentioned above. ServiceNow is a versatile platform that enables you to make workflows smarter for employees and customers. ServiceNow’s smart workflows help organizations create great user & customer experience while making employees and enterprises more productive.

Working with a dedicated partner

One of the biggest roadblocks most ServiceNow customers face is not being able to fully explore and leverage the power of the ServiceNow ecosystem. That’s why they need a reliable partner to navigate the complete operations of the ServiceNow terrain.

Hence, opting for professional experts to handle all your IT services and working with a team of certified ServiceNow professionals will unleash the true potential of your platform and would bring more focus on your core business, eventually giving you endless opportunities.

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Here are seven benefits of ServiceNow Managed Services that you can leverage for your business with Nous Infosystems.

Benefits of ServiceNow Managed services

1. 24/7 support

ServiceNow’s Managed Services provide proactive support for businesses, which means it doesn’t wait for disruptions to happen. Instead, it constantly resolves issues as they occur, identifies problems before they happen, keeps your system up and running at all times, and alerts you of the disruptions in advance.

The ServiceNow platform is constantly developing and improving to ensure your organization’s needs are always being met. ServiceNow Managed services ensure that the service providers give the required support and all features of ServiceNow are utilized.

2. Security and compliance

To function seamlessly in any geography, your organization needs to understand the global and local compliance and security requirements. Your company’s data needs to be protected, and ServiceNow providers respect it and make sure that your data is secure at all times with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow follows rigorous audit processes conducted by independent third-party companies and government bodies to ensure that they comply with various global and regional standards. They have also engineered their cloud services to provide maximum data security, and every release of the Now platform comes with new and updated security properties.

3. Reduced costs, maximized ROI

ServiceNow software maintenance is hugely popular, and enterprises are growingly opting for ServiceNow Managed Services. Organizations outsourcing their IT services can benefit from ServiceNow Managed Services by leveraging the IT cost-plus model.

The IT cost-plus model is one of the most cost-effective, practical, and sustainable solutions for ServiceNow support. The cost of maintaining your ServiceNow software includes maintaining a team of consultants who are responsible and charged for developing codes that match customers’ needs with IT cost-plus models. This model works to prevent unexpected maintenance costs due to changes in service delivery. The rates of creating and rendering ServiceNow support are calculated per user or resource, and the mark-up can generate a positive ROI.

4. Hassle-free development, support, and maintenance

ServiceNow Managed Services provides flexibility to architect, customize and implement a solution tailored to your organization’s IT infrastructure. ServiceNow managed services providers work with your internal teams to develop a tailor-made plan based on your budget and IT needs. You can also take advantage of the pay-as-you-go consumption-based model that offers more flexibility in terms of payment than a locked upfront fee.

5. Seamless integrations

Another reason to choose ServiceNow is its ability to integrate with virtually any application. Whether you need a custom solution or native integration portals, ServiceNow makes it easier to integrate and collaborate.

With ServiceNow Managed Services, you can manage on-premises infrastructure, cloud systems, and hybrid solutions without any interruption. With integration options available for LaaS, SaaS, ERP, legacy systems, and social platforms, ServiceNow makes it easier for you to connect your siloed systems and increase collaboration within your organization.

6. Understanding of Full Potential of ServiceNow Services

With ServiceNow Managed Services, you can organize all relevant business processes leveraging the seamless features of ServiceNow. ServiceNow helps make workflows efficient and enables the digitalization of business processes for internal IT, employees, and customers. It can also help you bring organization-wide processes to the enterprise cloud platform.

All resilient and transparent information can be accessed from a single source service-focused platform for IT and business processes by anyone in the organization, making work more structured and efficient.

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7. Utilize industry expertise and best practices

With ServiceNow Managed Services, it doesn’t matter if you’re not an IT expert. You can focus on running your business without having to worry about your IT services. With a certified ServiceNow partner, you get round the clock support from certified technical experts to accompany you on the way to digital transformation and service automation.

24/7 IT support, enhanced security, low costs, maximum ROI, hassle-free flexible platform, excellent integration options, ability to realize the full potential use of ServiceNow, and best IT solution by experts truly makes Nous the perfect ServiceNow Managed services provider for your organization. Want to learn more about the services offered by Nous Infosystems? Contact us at Nous Infosystems and allow us to help you grow and transform your business.

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