Drive business agility and efficiency with Cloud transformation

Cloud computing holds great potential for organizations in terms of innovation, efficiency, and agility through access to scalable resources. But the journey to the cloud can be challenging and expensive. 

Nous offers a structured approach to cloud adoption and implementation, enabling organizations to reduce TCO, maximize ROI, and harness the full potential of the cloud. Our experience in leading public cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Rackspace, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), makes us the right fit for your business. Capitalize on our cloud expertise to respond to disruption and drive innovation faster than ever.


Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud platform selection

Data/application security

Cloud migration services

Cloud cost optimization

Application Modernization

Architecture tailored to business needs

Legacy system enhancements

Peel microservices from monolithic applications

Kubernetes-based container orchestration

Design & Development

SaaS-based business models

Secure DevOps-based development

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) development

Assured 20% reduction in TCO and 30% improvement in performance

Data Analytics and AI

Database migration to the cloud

Single source of truth, unifying all data sources

Advanced analytics – AI, Machine Learning, and NLP

Reporting and data visualization using Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, and others

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud security and data protection

Hybrid and multi-cloud management and cost optimization

Disaster recovery management

Cloud strategy, updates, and technical support



Why Nous?

cloud mastery
crafting cloud
tailored solution
elevating tech
cloud pioneers

Navigating complexities, we harness cloud’s full potential for your growth.

Whether startups or giants, we fuel expansion through cloud innovation.

We synergize local insights with global cloud prowess, empowering your growth.

Our certified resources sculpt custom cloud solutions, amplifying your agility.

Unlock efficiency, innovate boldly, and prosper with our cloud-driven solutions.



Cloud optimization via containers and Kubernetes

Learn how cloud-native workloads drive optimization and explore the benefits and use cases of containers and Kubernetes in Azure.

Case Study

Cloud performance testing to ensure scalability of customer application

Evaluated the app using methods to capture real-time user experience without installations, hardware setup, or maintenance.


Nous APPA™ for accelerated Azure adoption: 4-week proof of concept

Evaluate cloud adoption benefits by deploying a pilot workload on Azure with a roadmap for the entire cloud adoption journey.

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