Tech leaders have adjusted to evolving imperatives such as cloud migration and hybrid work support. Companies now heavily rely on technology for business advancement and digital transformation, which can only be achieved with a robust IT foundation that balances accessibility with proper governance.

ServiceNow revolutionizes information technology by automating and standardizing business processes, ensuring seamless integration across the enterprise. It is a valuable tool for improving IT service delivery and overall business operations.

The following are the top 8 technology trends embraced by ServiceNow as the tech landscape evolves:

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in ServiceNow: ServiceNow is increasingly incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into its platform to enhance its capabilities. This allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks, improve the accuracy of incident management, and gain insights from data. With the integration of AI and ML, ServiceNow is becoming more proactive, allowing organizations to predict and prevent issues before they happen.
  2. ServiceNow low-code and no-code platforms: Low-code and no-code platforms are becoming increasingly popular, allowing organizations to create custom applications and workflows without requiring extensive coding. ServiceNow has been investing in this area, making it easier for organizations to develop custom solutions, automate processes, and improve efficiency.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) with ServiceNow: ServiceNow is leveraging IoT technologies to integrate real-time data from connected devices into its platform, providing enhanced visibility and actionable insights. This allows organizations to make data-driven decisions, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. IoT data can trigger automated incident responses, predict potential failures, and optimize workflows, reducing downtime and manual effort. The integration of IoT with ServiceNow empowers organizations to maximize the value of connected devices.
  4. Cloud-based solutions: The shift to cloud-based solutions is gaining momentum, and ServiceNow is no exception. ServiceNow’s cloud platform, ServiceNow Cloud, is becoming more widely adopted, allowing organizations to access the platform from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. This is helping organizations to become more agile and responsive to changing business needs.
  5. Integration with other systems: ServiceNow is increasingly being integrated with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, and IT service management. This integration is helping organizations improve the flow of information and automate processes, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs. With ServiceNow system integrators, organizations can accelerate workflow connectivity across any system.
  6. ServiceNow IT automation: Automation of IT operations is becoming increasingly popular as organizations look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. ServiceNow process automation enables organizations to automate tasks such as incident management, problem management, and change management. This allows organizations to improve the speed and accuracy of incident resolution and reduce costs by automating routine tasks.
  7. ServiceNow IT asset management: IT asset management is becoming increasingly important as organizations look to manage their IT assets more effectively. ServiceNow ITAM module allows organizations to track and manage their IT assets, including hardware, software, and licenses. This helps organizations reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary assets and also improves the efficiency of IT operations by ensuring that all assets are properly managed .
  8. ServiceNow cybersecurity and GRC: Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) are becoming more important as organizations look to protect their data and assets. ServiceNow’s GRC module provides organizations with the ability to manage risks, comply with regulations, and ensure governance across their operations. This helps organizations to reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


ServiceNow is continuing to evolve by incorporating new technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT, and low-code/no-code platforms, to provide organizations with the tools they need to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and better manage their IT operations. Additionally, the platform is becoming more cloud-based, allowing organizations to access it from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. ServiceNow integration with other systems, automation of IT operations, IT asset management, cybersecurity, and GRC are also becoming important as organizations look to manage their data and assets more effectively. By keeping an eye on these trends, organizations can take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of ServiceNow.

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Sonaly Pradhan
Solutions Marketing - ServiceNow

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