End-to-end management of digital certificates on ServiceNow  

ServiceNow customers, leveraging ITSM and ITOM capabilities to run complex infrastructure, often need management of digital certificates. The certificates have varying periods of validity based on company policies and cost considerations, which would require managing SSL/TLS certificates across complex networks to prevent unanticipated failures and production outages. 

nCert, a ServiceNow certified app, solves this problem and allows users to track and manage the lifecycle of digital certificates from within the ServiceNow platform. For achieving this, nCert integrates with Venafi, one of the leading providers for Machine Identity protection. 

Challenges in digital certificate lifecycle management

Service outages or unavailability of resources due to unnoticed expiration of certificates

Complexity in managing lifecycle activities on a large number of certificates across the enterprise

Exposure to business risks from security loopholes due to incomplete visibility into the use of certificates

Lack of predictability of certificate usage against assets, owner groups

nCert application on ServiceNow

Utilize capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to bring service management for certificates

Synchronize certificate information with Venafi accounts

Intuitive user interface on ServiceNow to request, download, retrieve, revoke, and renew certificates

Renewal tracking system to prioritize certificate renewal

Simple and efficient workflow steps in ServiceNow

Real-time dashboards and reports, with role-based access

Download from the ServiceNow Store

Key features

Allows users to manage the entire certificate lifecycle – request a new digital certificate, renew an existing certificate, retire certificates, and revoke faulty certificates and download them from the nCert app available on the ServiceNow Store  

Utilizes customizable workflows in ServiceNow for certificate management and enables mapping certificates to Configuration Item (CI) in the ServiceNow CMDB 

All certificates generated from the nCert app remain compliant and audit-ready 

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