Expand Your Organization's Operational Agility through Automation

IT Operations Management (ITOM) includes the processes involved in maintaining all physical and virtual components of an IT infrastructure within a firm, ensuring their availability, performance, and seamless integration with other systems. With IT infrastructure handling more demands faster than ever before, organizations are compelled to turn to IT Operations Management tools for a clear view of their infrastructure assets and operational ecosystem.

As a ServiceNow Premier partner, Nous helps organizations automate their operations management through the ServiceNow ITOM application suite to reduce IT costs and improve IT and business service availability. With in-depth domain expertise, we have helped many enterprises create an accelerated cloud strategy, improving their overall business infrastructure.

ServiceNow ITOM Highlights

Event Management

Event Management

  • Collect and analyze events to help IT teams monitor the health of services
  • Increase service availability by identifying and preventing potential service outages
  • Deploy actionable alerts and automated remediation using advanced ServiceNow ITOM with machine learning
  • Use the consolidated dashboard with intelligent alerts prioritized on the severity and take corrective actions sooner


  • Get a single, comprehensive view of all devices and applications on the network
  • Deploy ServiceNow ITOM modules to set up goals and strategies and automate queries for enhanced discovery
  • Identify resource dependencies and co-relations from a single view, setup and manage functions better
  • Improve the speed of incident resolution and protect the health of your business services with enhanced visibility
Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

  • Track IT infrastructure performance and detect disruptions early
  • Setup thresholds based on the current identified anomalies and automatically improve productivity
  • Create custom dashboards to view your infrastructure and investigate issues better
  • Enhance user experience with advanced insights and performance reports created from raw data across multiple events
Service Mapping

Service Mapping

  • Map interactions between IT components and business services with ServiceNow ITOM Service Mapping
  • Simplify mapping efforts with cross-functional guidance maps that track multiple services parallelly based on movements across the infrastructure
  • Create focused service maps in your industry context and setup an infrastructure of applications and processes that support the business
  • Increase the accuracy of failure impact analysis by following ITOM best practices


  • Boost productivity by automating IT and business processes with ServiceNow ITOM applications such as Password Reset, Client Software Distribution, Activity Packs, etc.
  • Improve service delivery in terms of quality and speed by leveraging the power of automated tools, templates, and applications to produce precise results
  • Gain critical data and insights to track, evaluate, and identify areas where automation can be implemented
  • Increase ROI, deliver business agility while maintaining control with our evolved approach to orchestration
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