Transform IT Service Management through Streamlined ServiceNow Automation

Ineffective IT service management practices using multiple non-integrated tools can often lead to information silos. With too much time and resources spent on firefighting issues, teams can fail to meet the organization's service needs.

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) offers a robust framework to elevate IT service delivery and align them with critical business needs. Nous, a ServiceNow Premier partner, helps organizations to transform the IT service experience. We implement 360° IT infrastructure transformations empowering businesses to improve efficiency and overall growth. Our ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialists deploy time-tested strategies to reduce high-priority incidents by 25%, enhance employee productivity, and boost CSAT scores.

Nous’ IT Service Management solutions with ServiceNow help in implementing ITSM processes to consolidate all IT tools into a single data model, streamline service delivery, automate workflows, gain real-time visibility, and improve IT productivity.

Key Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM Implementation


Increased focus on core business functions

  • By adopting ServiceNow implementation best practices, companies can automate mundane processes and engage the internal IT team in revenue-enhancing activities. We have a proven record of transforming existing IT infrastructures into leaner, more agile, and highly adaptive environments.

Access to top-of-the-market solutions

  • To ensure rapid growth in a highly evolving market, companies are compelled to invest heavily in the latest technologies to maintain service delivery quality. This can become quite expensive and even impractical for emerging firms. As a ServiceNow ITSM implementation specialist, we make world-class technologies and updates available to our clients at no added costs, so they can leverage the best technologies to create ground breaking solutions.

Airtight Cybersecurity

  • Failure to protect against cyber-attacks often leads to security breaches, compliance issues, and critical data loss. Working with a trusted premier ServiceNow partner like Nous is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring compliance, risk assessment, prevention of unauthorized access, and steady control over network activities.

ServiceNow ITSM Solution Offerings


Agent Workspace

Use agent intelligence to prioritize and direct tasks within your organization. It creates a unilateral platform for both employees and customers to engage and resolve common problems.


IT Incident Management & Problem Management

Manage problem life cycle and prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening using ServiceNow Problem Management


ITSM Change Management

With ServiceNow Change Management, follow a systematic approach to deploy various changes in the IT ecosystem in the easiest, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Make better decisions with ServiceNow CMDB as the single system of record.


Virtual Agent

Leverage an NLP-based virtual agent that offers intelligent, customized conversational experiences to customers as well as employees for quick and effective conflict resolution.


Performance Analytics

Use the ServiceNow OOTB plugin for precise data collection, analysis, and visualization, for portfolio, change, request, financial, and event management.


Predictive Intelligence

Use ServiceNow’s Predictive Intelligence for AI and ML-based recommendations that are based on user inputs and a vast range of enterprise data.


Request Management and Knowledge Management

Allow catalog items to be requested and fulfilled based on defined flows, and increase self-service rates for customers and employees using ServiceNow Knowledge Management.


Reports and Dashboards

Ensure rapid decision-making through relevant reports on a dashboard including performance analytics.


Asset Management

Create and manage a comprehensive system of record for various IT assets across contracts, finances, software and hardware inventory, and risk management sections of an organization with ServiceNow Asset Management.

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