What is the easiest way to collect, analyze, and leverage customer data in the digital age? Applications. Applications give your brand a competitive edge by designing holistic experiences for your customers in an experience-driven environment.

With more and more consumers turning to mobile apps to connect with brands they like, it is estimated that 83% of time spent on tablets and 90% of time spent on smartphones by users will be on apps this year. As the consumption of apps continues to increase, so does the enterprise demand for custom apps.

Why do businesses want custom apps?

Businesses are choosing to invest in custom applications to provide better customer experiences and improve customer engagement with their brands. While an app offers a convenient way for your customers to interact with your brand, it also allows your business to increase and earn additional revenue.

Since apps can be easily monetized with strategies like in-app purchases, in-app advertising, paid apps, or premium memberships, they are an easy way to earn additional revenue. Features like self-service portals and chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can further enhance customer experiences and increase brand loyalty.

By making the shopping experience convenient, intuitive, and simple for users, businesses can use these applications to introduce a new revenue stream into their business strategy.

But how do you ensure an intuitive app experience for your customers while quickly building affordable, scalable, and future-proof business applications? That’s where ServiceNow comes into the picture.

Building innovative applications with ServiceNow

ServiceNow, a premier cloud-based enterprise service management software, is a state-of-the-art tool in your kit that can be leveraged to provide best-in-class service to your customers. ServiceNow is a highly adaptable tool that can be configured to fit your organization’s needs and allows forms-based workflow application development.

Owing to the low-code development nature of the Now Platform, you can easily build cost-effective and scalable business applications for unique customer use cases. The Now Platform comes equipped with a suite of standard applications such as Incident, Problem, and Change, and if you have additional business needs, it also allows you to create custom applications in the most hassle-free way.

Why should businesses use ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM)?

While there are numerous reasons to turn to ServiceNow ITSM applications, we’ll keep it to the point.

Reduced time to code and market

With the Now Platform, the biggest advantage you get is reduced time to develop applications and time to market. Developers can move from the painful initial steps of setup and integration and start building apps using standard tools and technologies, including JavaScript and Angular.

Enhanced customer experience

ServiceNow ITSM provides self-service capabilities to your company’s end users so they can fulfill IT service requests themselves, improving efficiency for the organization and reducing service time for your customers

Mobile enablement for ease of access

ServiceNow’s mobile functionality enables your users to submit requests, check their status, and take action from anywhere and any device at any time.

A better user experience that your customers will love

With a widget‑based and responsive UI framework without the need for boilerplate code, you can create unique and better experiences for your customers and keep them engaged.

Easily integrates with other systems and apps

Another important reason to use ServiceNow ITSM software for application development is its premium set of APIs and tools that can help you integrate with any external system or a third‑party app.

Let your customers experience hassle-free Incident Management with ServiceNow ITSM apps

ServiceNow’s Incident Management feature helps simplify the process of restoring services when any unplanned outage or disruption happens. Your IT team can utilize this feature to record an incident through a self-service portal.

They can further prioritize chat, phone, email, and incoming events based on decided service level targets. Once the incidents are recorded and acknowledged, they can be routed automatically to the appropriate team for resolution.

Your customers can record an incident and keep track till the service is restored or the issue has been resolved. Incidents can be allocated to suitable service desk members, who keep a record of the investigation and resolve the issue, following which it is closed.

Do more and resolve issues faster with mobile and chatbots integrations

One of the crucial elements for businesses to consider in today’s market is the need to be mobile-friendly. With features like mobile app integration, ServiceNow helps you deliver services on the go.

In the case of self-service portals for your customers or employee portals for your internal teams, some knowledge of the portal structure is required to navigate to the required information. To make this navigation easier, ServiceNow provides chatbots (text or voice) that can handle numerous requests at a time and respond to them with accurate information.

With mobile and chatbots integrations, you can enhance service delivery effectiveness without any extra cost to your business.

Modernize IT service delivery with cost-effective coding

Transform the way you provide service to your customers with ServiceNow ITSM applications. Enhance business agility and boost IT innovation with features that reduce coding time and costs.

  • Codeless configuration
  • Guided setup
  • Enterprise-grade cloud
  • Top-grade security features
  • A single system of records
  • Real-time dashboards and benchmarks

How can Nous Infosystems help you get the best-in-class IT experience with ServiceNow ITSM’s innovative applications?

Nous Infosystems can help you define your strategy and guide your ServiceNow deployment following the best practices. Our team has years of experience in ITSM application consulting, and our experts can provide guidance, application development services, and customized solutions to meet the needs of your business.

You can work with our implementation specialists to get the most out of the tools within ServiceNow, automate your processes, and bridge the gap between your legacy application and ServiceNow.

As a managed service provider, Nous Infosystems further helps you with support, maintenance, and monitoring improvements within the platform that can be leveraged to redefine IT service management.

Looking for more help? Get in touch with our team right away and talk to us about your requirements.

Vikas Kapoor
Practice Head - ServiceNow

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