While discussing IT Service Management (ITSM), the first question that pops up is why ServiceNow? And the second, why ITSM? To answer these, let us quickly look at some numbers from the Total Economic Impact Study conducted by Forrester Research.

  • IT organizations can bring new enterprise apps to market in half the time with ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow users have reported $3.3m estimated annual savings
  • Efficiency increased by 30% while servicing HR cases with ServiceNow

Furthermore, Gartner has observed that ITSM tools are crucial for infrastructure and operations and enable organizations to deliver business value in the services they provide.

Another worrying statistic is that only 21% of ITSM professionals make sure that their end users/customers know what can be done to resolve an issue and by when.

These numbers reiterate the fact that your business definitely needs ITSM for managing your IT systems efficiently and ServiceNow’s robust platform helps you achieve that goal.

ITSM was important but it’s critical in a post-COVID world

When the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the business world was shaken to its core and is still picking up the pieces a year later. One might wonder then what’s the relevance of ITSM in a pandemic-ravaged world? According to the ITSM market analysis by Technavio, ITSM is expected to grow by USD 3.29 bn during 2020-2024 and advanced technologies will play a major role in driving growth for businesses.

The ‘as-a-service’ model has never been more relevant in IT support than the present times. With the days of IT Support-as-a-Service just around the corner, the current workplace systems are not resilient or flexible enough to accommodate COVID-19 workplace restrictions.

In the post-COVID world, businesses will have to ramp up IT support without the usual on-site support teams. With social distancing norms and remote working being the ‘new normal’, ITSM will play a critical role in delivering COVID-19-secure IT support, with the same smooth service customers have come to expect.

ServiceNow ITSM to the rescue!

Like all ServiceNow solutions, ITSM is a cloud-based, mobile-first solution, which helps organizations track and manage digital workflows through an integrated, robust platform. ServiceNow ITSM improves efficiency within your organization by streamlining processes, reducing workload, eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, and delivering secure IT support even in remote working conditions.

Most businesses are looking for a flexible ITSM solution that is capable of adapting to the evolving needs of businesses and to the new ways of working in a cost-effective way, while also meeting the high expectations of customers.

ServiceNow is making it all possible by making data and processes service oriented to redefine operational ITSM workflows, and providing continuous improvement processes, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to take your IT to the next level of maturity.

Getting the right ServiceNow ITSM consultation

To ensure that your ServiceNow ITSM implementation is in the right hands, you need to leverage expert ServiceNow consulting services. An experienced ServiceNow ITSM consultant will evaluate your IT processes and infrastructure to understand your specific needs and provide solutions that would combine ITSM best practices and a proven implementation methodology.

An experienced and certified ServiceNow consultant like Nous Infosystems can help you understand the nuances of the ITSM system and implement 360-degree IT infrastructure transformations to improve efficiency and fuel growth.

There are various types of ServiceNow ITSM consulting services.

One-time consultation

From understanding your specific needs and challenges to providing solutions to every challenge, you can benefit from one-time consultation if you plan to have an in-house team for implementation and maintenance of your ServiceNow ITSM.

Full-cycle implementation

When you choose a specialist ServiceNow partner, they help you set your ServiceNow implementation expectations from the beginning by providing a better understanding of your implementation needs.

The partner will map your business requirements to ServiceNow functionality and choose the appropriate implementation strategy and define the necessary customizations needed to realize your business objectives.

Once the strategy is finalized, your partner will launch a pilot project with minimum processes to test if you’re able to realize the benefits of ServiceNow in real life.

After all the lags are identified and fixed in the pilot projects, your partner will then proceed with configurations and integrations to deploy the ITSM system. Once the system is implemented, your partner will import all your data and provide training to your employees to avoid user mistakes and encourage faster solution adoption.

The stage after this is important to consider when you’re picking your ServiceNow consultant – after-implementation support. This stage is crucial to identify major and minor malfunctions and ensure that your deployment runs without a glitch.

Nous Infosystems is your trusted ServiceNow consultant

Work with a team that understands ServiceNow and how it can be best implemented to derive maximum benefit. Skilled resources are scarce and consultants are usually an expensive option. Nous Infosystems makes ServiceNow implementation a breeze for your organization with a unique and cost-effective approach.

Nous ServiceNow ITSM offerings and benefits

Nous Infosystems empowers your business with a range of ServiceNow offerings like:

  • ServiceNow Consulting services that encompass enterprise service management advisory, implementation health checks, process, and service design consulting.
  • ServiceNow Technology services that include implementation, integration, and testing services.
  • ServiceNow Managed services that comprise application administration, customizations, platform upgrades, and service desk.
  • Platform development services, including platform app development, store app development, and application certification consulting.

What’s more? Nous offers your enterprise a unique blend of hands-on experience in the ServiceNow space along with certified expertise in consulting, implementation, and more. As a premier ServiceNow partner with a dedicated center of excellence for ServiceNow offerings and, Nous assists you in streamlining service processes, automating redundant workflows, and running your business as seamlessly as possible.

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