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HR teams juggle multiple responsibilities, from recruitment, onboarding, and training to handling queries and other critical activities. ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) offers an integrated suite of tools that streamline employee processes. 

ServiceNow HRSD implementation involves deploying a combination of tools and applications that automate all HR-related processes – from hire to retire, including payroll, appraisal, performance reviews, policymaking, and so on. It enhances HR productivity and employee experience by automating routine tasks, improving cross-functional workflows, and optimizing the entire employee service lifecycle. HR service automation helps transform the way companies deliver employee service experience with intelligent workflows. 

As a ServiceNow Premier partner, Nous helps HR professionals to deliver services and communicate timely with the ServiceNow HRSD suite. Nous’ ServiceNow Certified Experts have experience across industries in deploying the HRSD tools to boost HR efficiency.

ServiceNow HRSD Solution Offerings 

Case and Knowledge Management

Case management tracks and resolves employee inquiries and issues, while knowledge management provides access to relevant information and resources to support the resolution of those cases for a better service experience.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

Efficiently and effectively manage the orientation and onboarding of new employees and facilitate their smooth transitions within the organization.

Employee Journey Management

Enable personalized employee journeys across departments through intelligent workflows that facilitate in-the-moment task management, learning, and feedback gathering.

Employee Document Management

Streamlines the storage, retrieval, and management of employee documents, ensuring compliance and easy access to critical HR information.

Listening Posts

Easily design pulse surveys to capture employee touchpoints, analyze employee feedback, and enhance the overall employee service delivery experience.

HR Performance Analytics

Analyze, report, and gain visibility into all HR aspects by measuring key performance indicators to track HR performance over time. Align people, processes, and functions to business goals and improve HR efficiency.

Business Benefits of HR Service Delivery  

Streamline and automate routine tasks 

Minimize the cost of service delivery 

Gain full visibility into various stages of an employee’s lifecycle 

Improve employee productivity and engagement 

Deliver seamless employee experience

Why Nous?

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Crafting tailored HR solutions, leveraging global insights for effective employee journeys.

Unifying domain expertise and technological finesse for enhanced employee engagement and process optimization.

Empowering companies of all sizes through adaptable HR strategies, co-creating workforce efficiency and satisfaction.

Leveraging localized expertise to ensure compliance and foster a harmonious employee experience.

Enabling HR evolution with cutting-edge technology, fostering seamless employee interactions and service delivery.



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Understand the limitations of traditional HR service delivery and learn how ServiceNow HRSD helps modernize HR service delivery.

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