Maximize your IT asset ROI with ServiceNow Asset Management

A lack of a complete “big picture” understanding of IT assets lurks behind most of the challenge’s organizations face when it comes to managing IT assets. 

Organizations need ServiceNow IT Asset Management to effectively manage their IT assets, reduce costs, and optimize resource utilization. It provides complete visibility into the IT asset inventory, helps track software and hardware assets, streamlines asset-related workflows, and ensures compliance with software licensing and regulatory requirements.  

As a ServiceNow Premier partner, Nous has consistently helped its customers implement best practices and address challenges with siloed tools, lack of full cost visibility and manual processes. Nous offers a comprehensive asset management solution that aids organizations in managing their IT assets and streamlining asset lifecycle processes. This enables organizations to automate workflows and attain visibility throughout each phase of the asset lifecycle. 

ServiceNow ITAM Solution Offerings 

Enterprise Asset Management

Manage and optimize the lifecycle of physical assets, including maintenance, procurement, and disposal, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Hardware Asset Management

Manage hardware assets throughout the lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, providing real-time inventory, monitoring, and reporting.

Software Asset Management

Provides a centralized platform for managing software licenses, usage, contracts, and compliance, to optimize costs and minimize risk.

Cloud Insights

Efficiently manage cloud resources, mitigate risk, and lower expenses by obtaining a comprehensive view of overall cloud consumption across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS through a single platform.

IT Asset Offboarding

Remove access to software, hardware, and data for departing employees, ensuring security and compliance.

SaaS License Management

Optimize SaaS costs and usage through actionable intelligence that enables effective management and oversight of the SaaS portfolio, resulting in savings and governance.

Business Benefits of IT Asset Management

Improved visibility and control over IT assets  

Increased compliance with software licensing and regulatory requirements

Reduction of costs associated with IT assets

Improved efficiency and productivity of IT operations

Enhanced decision-making based on accurate data

Better risk management and mitigation of security threats

Optimization of asset utilization and lifecycle management

Improved collaboration and communication among IT teams and departments

Why Nous?

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Expertise honed over decades drives optimal cost control and compliance.

From startups to enterprises, our skilled workforce tailors solutions for success.

Leverage nuanced domain knowledge to enhance IT asset governance.

Our Center of Excellence pioneers cutting-edge solutions for unmatched control.

Leverage certified resources to supercharge IT asset management outcomes.



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Learn how a ServiceNow ITAM enables efficient tracking of inventory details and asset information throughout their lifecycle. 

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