Empowering compliance and risk management with ServiceNow GRC

As technology evolves in the digital age, enterprises need to manage increasing risk and new types of risk related to digital transformation initiatives, disruptions, and rapid business changes. There is also a need for clear visibility and scrutiny over risk posture, address uncertainty and drive action to high-risk areas so as to improve business continuity management or disaster recovery plans. 

ServiceNow GRC enables organizations to streamline their compliance and risk management by centralizing regulatory requirements, automating tasks, tracking compliance issues, and taking real-time corrective actions to reduce the impact of a compliance failure. 

Being a ServiceNow Premier partner, Nous’ GRC experts offers an integrated risk management solution for enterprise which can help them drive productivity, improve risk-informed decisions with real-time insights and maximize the business performance.

ServiceNow GRC solution offerings 

Policy and Compliance Management

Centrally manage and enforce policies and regulations through automated workflows, reporting, and remediation.

Risk Management

Identify, assess, and manage risks through automated processes, workflows, and reporting to help mitigate potential impacts to the business.

Audit Management

Streamlines the audit process by automating workflows, tracking tasks, and providing real-time visibility into audit status and findings, helping organizations stay compliant.

Vendor Risk Management

Manage the risks associated with the vendors by assessing vendor performance, tracking compliance, and streamlining communication and remediation efforts.

Privacy Management

Manage and protect personal data by providing tools for data discovery, subject access requests, and privacy compliance tracking, among other features.

Business Continuity Management

Enables organizations plan, manage, and execute their business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Business benefits of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Improved risk management

Strengthen compliance

Better decision-making

Enhanced operational efficiency

Improved stakeholder confidence 

Why Nous?

Over 25 years sculpting resilient strategies. Empowering businesses with nuanced risk insights and robust compliance management.

Skilled workforce shaping GRC horizons. Synthesizing domain expertise and cutting-edge tech for precise risk navigation.

Crafting GRC prowess for enterprises of all sizes. Tailoring region-specific compliance solutions for sustainable global success.

Cultivating a Center of Excellence for GRC tech. Pioneering risk-informed decisions through innovation and certified expertise.

Custom-built GRC accelerators for transformative impact. Certified resources blending domain and technology for strategic advantage.

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