Improve the customer experience with ServiceNow CSM

In today’s customer-centric era, organizations are finding that traditional CRM falls short as a customer service platform. For a great service, organizations need end-to-end visibility to address customer issues, wherever they originate. 

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) is a powerful platform that helps organizations to improve their customer service operations. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing customer service requests, incidents, and problems, as well as automating and streamlining customer service processes. It seamlessly integrates an enterprise’s front, middle and back-office teams across departments, helps them to deliver friction-free customer experience. 

Being a ServiceNow Premier Partner, Nous’ CSM experts provides omni-channel service and enhance customer engagement level by connecting departments, workflows, and technology in order to assign, manage, and resolve complex issues end-to-end.

ServiceNow CSM Solution Offerings

Agent Workspace

Utilize agent intelligence for efficient task prioritization and delegation, providing a unilateral platform for employee-customer interactions and issue resolution.

Case Management

Manage cases with ease and customized case forms to make it easier for agents to collect only needed information, while also managing SLAs and outsourcing services.


Integrates communication channels to provide seamless and consistent experiences across all touchpoints.


Allow customers to resolve their inquiries or issues through online portals or automated tools independently without agent assistance.

Virtual Agent

AI-powered self-service module that automates customer interactions, reduces workload, improves service efficiency, and resolves issues fast.

Advanced Work Assignment

Automatically assign work items to available customer service agents based on skill sets, capacity and availability.

Guided Decisions

Enables front-line and middle-office agents to resolve complex problems more quickly.

Predictive Intelligence

Powerful set of tools for AI and ML-based recommendations that are based on user inputs and a vast range of enterprise data.

Workforce Optimization

Set of processes and technologies designed to improve agent performance, efficiency, and customer experience, by aligning agent scheduling, training, and quality assurance.

Process Optimization

Streamline and improve service delivery workflows and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness.

Knowledge Management

Provide instant access to relevant knowledge for customers and agents.

Task Intelligence

Use data analysis to automate task assignment and optimize agent productivity.

Customer Project Management

Manage and track customer-specific projects to ensure successful delivery.

Business Benefits of Customer Service Management 

Enhanced service quality and efficiency 

Automate common customer requests  

Proactively address customer issues

Streamline processes and reduce operational costs 

Better resource allocation and utilization

Offers omni-channel support 

Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty

Why Nous?

exceptional solutions
skilled workforce
Tech excellence
tailored solution
region-specifi expertise

Leveraging deep expertise for tailored solutions and transformative experiences.

Elevating customer engagement and operational excellence with every interaction.

Unleashing digital evolution through cutting-edge tech, igniting unrivaled service prowess.

Co-crafting success stories with adaptive solutions, fostering growth and delighting customers.

Steering customer service towards excellence, leveraging data treasures and analytics.



3 Things to consider before choosing a customer service management (CSM) software

Understand why CSM should be a part of your business strategy and how to choose the right CSM software.

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