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Traditional businesses use a combination of disintegrated software applications, emails, and spreadsheets to perform daily operations.  

Without a well-defined method to track resources, costs, and timelines, IT infrastructures often spiral out of control. They continue to function at suboptimal levels and never being able to achieve maximum productivity. Our ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) services can help organizations manage projects, resources, and portfolios in a streamlined, efficient manner. This can help in data-driven decisions, align resources with strategic priorities, and improve collaboration across departments. 

Our team of ServiceNow Certified SPM Implementation Experts provides tailored combinations of tools and applications to help businesses consolidate all of their processes on one single platform, align IT processes to business goals, manage better, and deliver faster.

ServiceNow SPM Solution Offerings

Application Portfolio Management

Evaluate, analyze, and manage an organization’s application portfolio to align with business goals, optimize costs, and prioritize investments based on value, risk, and performance.

Demand Management

Capture, prioritize, and manage business demands to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, optimize resource allocation, and maximize business value.

Innovation Management

Capture innovative ideas and projects in one place to align with an organization’s strategic goals and improve its competitive position.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage project portfolios, prioritize investments, allocate resources, and track project performance to achieve the strategic objectives.

Resource Management

Efficiently allocate resources and optimize their use across various projects or initiatives to expedite project delivery.

Investment Funding

Allocate financial resources to projects aligned with organization’s long-term goals and objectives, ensuring optimal utilization of available capital.

Roadmap Planning

Create a visual timeline and prioritization plan to execute strategic initiatives and achieve organizational goals.

Agile Development

Manage Agile projects, enabling teams to plan, track, and report on work, while fostering collaboration, and promoting transparency and agility.

Test Management

Efficiently deliver quality software products by optimizing the test management procedures.


Tool for employees to record their work hours, manage time off requests, and view their schedules.

Business Benefits of Strategic Portfolio Management 

Better alignment of initiatives and investments with strategic goals 

Optimal allocation of resources 

Better risk management 

Improved decision-making 

Greater agility and responsiveness

Gain visibility into Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) 

Increased stakeholder satisfaction

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Harmonize technology and industry intricacies for amplified IT solutions, propelling businesses forward.

With a rich history, we implement IT strategies that empower businesses with unrivaled insights.

Our adept workforce merges industry acumen and tech prowess to architect business success stories.

From startups to MNCs, our tailored solutions catalyze growth, nurturing business triumphs.

Transform businesses with region-specific wisdom, translating into decisive actions for excellent outcomes.



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