Unleashing the true power of data using QlikView and Qlik Sense

Our certified Qlik consultants work with you to understand your current visualization needs to provide a roadmap towards a mature Qlik platform. We specialize in helping organizations build a Data-Driven enterprise by scaling Qlik platform to achieve faster time-to-market.

Cut Qlik Development Time by 50%

Nous’ industry specific data models and in-house domain experts cut development time by half.

Delivering Intuitive Dashboards on Qlik

Leverage our experienced UI/UX Consultants to deliver highly intuitive, feature rich dashboards.

Domain Specific Qlik Solutions

Ready-to-go Dashboard solutions for Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Healthcare mean that clients benefit with our pre-built KPIs.

Why Nous?

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Transform businesses with tailored insights, integrating global know-how into region-specific solutions.

Unify domain prowess and tech finesse for dynamic analytics, enhancing customer engagement and efficiency.

Pioneer digital evolution through tech excellence, fortifying enterprises with cutting-edge solutions.

Elevate growth via adaptable analytics, co-creating success stories and superior customer experiences.

Unearth data gems, steer strategies, and enhance operations, catalyzing success through insights.



Improved data visualization for faster decisions with Qlik Sense extensions

Understand how extensions work and how they can be integrated to enhance the visualization capabilities of Qlik Sense.

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