Maturity assessment, gap analysis, and implementation plan for Secure DevOps

Organizations that have adopted DevOps as their new IT operating model are not only accelerating growth and retaining developers but are also achieving 4X higher revenue growth. DevOps helps remove friction points and build an environment that improves the developer’s ability to execute.

Nous’ DevOps Maturity Assessment will help identify your current state of DevOps maturity through process gap analysis, tools inventory, KPIs, roadmap, and key recommendations. Learn how you can reach the next stage in your DevOps journey.

Continuous delivery maturity model progression 

Assessment coverage at an organizational level  

Nous 2-4 weeks DevOps assessment touches upon several key areas like People, Process, Technology, and Strategy  


SW Dev/IT Ops integration

Organizational culture shift

Employee retention

Organizational readiness

Skills adaptations

Open communication channel



Business process reengineering

Fail fast methodology

Lean process improvement

Minimally viable approach


Agile methodology

Automation services

CI/CD integration

Service management optimization


Success factors

Vision and goals

Foundational success factors

Metrics: Identify, measure, and continuous improvement

Assessment coverage at an operational level     

Nous DevOps assessment covers five levels – baseline, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert in the following areas:  

Source control  

Build process 

Testing and QA




Maturity gap analysis 

Pillar-wise observations of DevOps practices 

Transition roadmap for organization 

Recommendations for tool set, landscape, process, and revamping, or transformation as required  

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