Modernize legacy systems to gain a competitive edge

Legacy applications provide business-critical functions within the enterprise application landscape but incur huge maintenance and running costs. Legacy systems pose many challenges, including the risks of running on potentially unsupported hardware and software, inflexible and closed architectures, scarce talent pool, and higher SLA due to non-real-time architecture options.

Nous’ legacy application modernization services enable organizations to transform time-tested legacy applications to newer technologies and architecture to deliver greater business value. We help move individual legacy applications or an entire portfolio to modern platforms that offer rich functionality and flexibility.

Process Followed

Vertical modernization

Horizontal modernization

Tools For Modernization

Report migration

Technology migration

Data / Source migration

Modern Technologies

Java / J2EE


Enterprise 2.0




Portfolio assessment & planning 

Application Re-architecture  

Application Re-engineering 

Application migration & Re-hosting 

Data migration 

Database migration 

Application integration 

Benefits of Application Modernization Services 

Improve application flexibility  

Reduce the business risk of application failure 

Assures business continuity

Reduce IT maintenance cost 

Maintain critical business workflow from legacy applications

Web-enablement of legacy applications

Ensure better return on investments

Why Nous?

 hostic assessment
scalablity and flexibility
multi-plaform expertise
Robust integration

Comprehensive assessment of the existing application landscape, considering technical, business, and user aspects.

Modernization solutions that can scale as the business grows, ensuring applications remain adaptable to changing requirements.

Experienced professionals with expertise across various platforms to suggest the most suitable modernization path.

Expertise in integrating modernized applications with existing systems and third-party services for smooth process continuity.

Skilled in decomposing monolithic apps into microservices and containerizing for improved agility.


Case Study

Core Banking Transformation for One of the Largest European Banks

Re-engineered and reverse-engineered the traditional core banking app, enabling major technical and functional enhancements.

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