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Enterprise ecosystems comprise disparate systems, technologies, applications, and software from various vendors. Multiple IT systems can create unnecessary complexities and redundancies, limiting growth and business agility. The growing complexity of enterprise ecosystems demands dynamic integrations that empower businesses to respond quickly to changing market and customer needs. 

Nous’ enterprise application integration services provide robust, cost-effective methodologies to integrate enterprise applications, data, processes, and devices across the entire IT landscape. We leverage MuleSoft and SwaggerHub API integration platforms to help you build streamlined processes, deliver real-time digital interactions, and become more responsive and agile.


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Standard integration frameworks 

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Benefits of Integration Services  

Simplified business process

Enhanced performance 

Reduced operational costs 

Replace traditional integration 

Tailored solutions 

Platforms Support

Deciding on the most competent application integration platform for your organization can be tedious, but we can help. Our strategic alliance with the iPaaS market leaders such as MuleSoft and SwaggerHub enables us to provide you with the best-in-class enterprise application integration solutions to streamline your digital transformation journey.



A modern unified integration platform to develop API-based integration frameworks and application networks, helping businesses change their pace of innovation.

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An integrated API design and documentation platform built for teams to drive consistency and discipline across the API development workflow.

Why Nous?

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End-to-end integration solutions encompassing systems, applications, and data sources to ensure seamless data flow and process synchronization.

Collaborative partnerships with global integration solutions providers to develop state-of-the-art integration solutions.

Accelerate time to value through pre-built and customizable solutions built on leading integration platforms like MuleSoft.

Monitor integrated systems in real-time and gain insights on data flow and performance to maintain and optimize processes.

Efficiently manage organizational arising due to integration implementation to reduce resistance and foster smoother adoption.



Share API specification via webhook in SwaggerHub

Follow the simple steps in this blog post to configure a SwaggerHub webhook for seamless API integration.


MuleSoft healthcare accelerators

Explore the key components of ‘Healthcare Catalyst’ – created by MuleSoft to facilitate the integration of core system records.

Case Study

Integration services and enhancement of Ecommerce website

Integrated eCommerce site with Raymark POS to accelerate their business processes and increase flexibility.

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