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June 10, 2020

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Raghu Paripati

VP - COC Strategy & Solutions

MuleSoft has created accelerators for healthcare known as ‘Healthcare Catalyst’ that include pre-defined APIs with a recommended architecture to help IT teams integrate core systems of record. The various key components of the accelerator include:

System Layer - System APIs provide seamless connectivity to EMRs/EHRs and other core systems of record while providing insulation from any interface changes that happen on the core system of record. The assets include:

  • Salesforce Implementation Template - Used to expose data from patient management system like Salesforce Health Cloud, via a set of RESTful Services
  • EHR Implementation Template - Similar to the Salesforce Health cloud, this template provides access to data from EMRs like Epic, via a set of RESTful Services
  • Fitbit Implementation Template - The template provides APIs to access fitness data from wearable devices like Fitbit

Process Layer - Process APIs separate business processes that interact with source systems. The assets include:

  • Patient Onboarding Process - The Anypoint template enables patient onboarding via different channels like a mobile app
  • Patient Appointment Process - This template enables appointment scheduling via channels like a mobile app
  • EHR to CRM Sync Process - This template enables synchronization between EHR and Patient Management Systems like Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Fitness Data Sync Process - This template enables fitness data synchronization with Patient Management Systems like Salesforce Health Cloud
  • HL7 Event Handler – It enables patient and observation records via HL7 from EMR to Patient Management Systems like Salesforce Health Cloud

Experience Layer - These APIs enable data to be reconfigured so that the intended audience can consume it easily. The assets include:

  • Web Portal Experience APIs – API implementation for patient onboarding, appointment scheduling, patient 360, and device connectivity use cases
  • Salesforce Experience APIs - API implementation to support patient and provider experiences trigger by Salesforce Apex

HL7 Connector is a supporting MuleSoft asset that supports integration with healthcare systems by providing the tools required to easily create, read, and transform HL7 version 2.x messages.

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