Casuality Department

The current web app speed is much faster, saving time compared to the previous version. Switching from property to casualty or folder to folder is seamless, and accounts open instantaneously. Awesome work by team Testree!


The team from Nous has always been really prompt in responding to queries. They are proactive, and their punctuality in delivering quality output has always made me smile. Wishing the team success and growth in the future.

VP | Technology

We engaged with Testree to test our customer-facing e-commerce website. Testree helped rapidly assess our code base quality, prepare a foundation of reusable test cases, and ensure a highly successful production release.

VP | Client Services

The flexibility and adaptability to respond reflexively on different subjects have been team Nous’ greatest strengths. They are hard-working and outstanding at time management. I am pleased with the team and the engagement.


Nous took over from the former vendor within a short time, primarily by implementing and adhering to stringent processes. With its Global Delivery Model, Nous has delivered on schedule, within budget, and with high quality.

Supply Chain IT Manager

We appreciate Nous’ understanding of our critical requirements. With proven technical capabilities, the team patiently worked through our requirements, providing workflow solutions that enabled us to make decisions quickly.