Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead – Brainwave

Designation: Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead - Brainwave
Location: Bangalore
Experience: 4 - 15 years
Opening: 01

We are looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead with 4-15 years of expertise in Brainwave tools. Mandatory skills include Brainwave, IAM, PAM, GRC, along with hands-on experience in NTFS permissions, Exchange administration, and familiarity with DFS.

Job Description:

As a Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead, you will bring your knowledge and experience in Brainwave tools to the forefront, along with proficiency in IAM, PAM, and GRC. Responsibilities include handling NTFS permissions, Exchange administration, user administration for various applications, and adherence to audit requirements. Familiarity with DFS, basic UNIX administration commands, and exposure to workflow management tools like ServiceNow are essential. Strong communication skills and the ability to excel in a fast-paced project environment are crucial.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • 4-15 years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead.
  • Mandatory skills in Brainwave, IAM, PAM, GRC.
  • Hands-on experience with NTFS permissions in Windows environment.
  • Proficiency in Exchange administration, user administration, and DFS.
  • Basic knowledge of UNIX administration commands.
  • Familiarity with workflow management tools, such as ServiceNow.
  • Commitment to excellence, strong organizational skills, and ability to work on tight deadlines.