Modern Workplace Engineer

Designation: Modern Workplace Engineer
Location: India
Experience: 7+ years
Opening: 01

We are on a lookout for an experienced and highly skilled Modern Workplace Engineer to join our dynamic team, contributing to the innovation and optimization of our IT infrastructure.

Job Description:

We are actively seeking a highly skilled Modern Workplace Engineer to join our dynamic team. If you possess a passion for cutting-edge technologies and bring extensive experience in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM/SCCM), we invite you to apply.


  • Understand in-house developed traditional Windows 10 build creation & maintenance processes thoroughly.
  • Plan an Operating System deployment strategy using MECM/SCCM and Intune Autopilot, implementing both Imageless solutions and hardware-independent custom images to support multiple hardware types and OS architectures, perform Windows upgrades, driver management, and certification of new hardware devices.
  • Maintain and support the existing legacy environment and solutions throughout the migration.
  • Implement solutions using MECM/SCCM and Intune to build and maintain virtual desktops in Azure with custom images.
  • Work with Microsoft Intune/Autopilot environment, including device enrollment, implementing, and configuring auto-provisioning scenarios, configuring profiles, managing device access and compliance, application management, managing security, etc.
  • Manage endpoint profiles throughout the enterprise from design to deployment and steady state.
  • Enhance forward-looking standards and solutions using MECM/SCCM and Intune to simplify deployment of windows, security, and third-party updates in a timely manner to all devices globally, including on-prem, cloud-based, as well as remote internet-based.
  • Migrate on-prem Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager infrastructure to Azure and handle in-place upgrades to the latest Current Branch.
  • Provide health and performance insights as well as trend analysis using Azure monitoring, endpoint analytics, etc.
  • Identify system problems and develop innovative solutions to improve processing efficiency and stability.
  • Troubleshoot L3 issues and provide resolutions.
  • Create supporting documentation for various audiences.