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In the digital world, engaging content is vital for attracting website visitors. As technology evolves, there’s a clear shift from basic Content Management Systems to Cloud-based Digital Experience platforms. Enterprises embrace modern Digital Experience platforms (DXPs), leveraging analytics to enhance marketing, e-commerce, A/B testing, conversions, and personalized content. This underscores the importance of adopting a Digital Experience Solution to analyze and optimize content, leading to improved conversion rates. The right solution empowers businesses to effectively manage and orchestrate content, adapting to the dynamic digital landscape.  

As a Solution Partner with Optimizely, Nous aids enterprises with a top-tier DXP prioritizing outcomes: website content management, marketing, commerce, and experimentation, ensuring exceptional customer experiences. 


For enterprises that are not ready to adopt Cloud completely, Microsoft Azure has another low-level infrastructure private cloud service called Azure Stack. It provides enterprises with a hybrid cloud solution. With high-level services, Microsoft offers abstraction from the management, architecting, and scaling requirements of core infrastructure. This includes QL Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Cognitive services and Internet of Things Suite (IoT).


Optimizely Orchestrate

Optimizely Orchestrate is a content marketing platform that helps plan, create, and deliver content across all channels. It includes features for content management, asset management, and collaboration.

Optimizely Experiment

Optimizely Experiment is a web experimentation platform that helps run A/B tests and other experiments to improve website’s performance. It includes features for creating and running experiments, analyzing results, and personalizing content.

Optimizely Monetize

Optimizely Monetize is a commerce platform that helps to build and optimize your online store. It includes features for product management, inventory management, and checkout.


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