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Our unique 2-day assessment workshop on Azure Cloud Adoption Framework helps organizations engage with key stakeholders. The assessment facilitates the Azure cloud’s viability analysis for a targeted set of business applications and outlines a practical roadmap for Microsoft Azure adoption, including migration, co-existence, and integration strategy for existing assets. Key deliverables of the assessment include recommendations on strategic roadmap planning and high-level estimates to guide the decision-making. 


Discover all assets before deciding what to migrate to the cloud. Identify dependencies to ensure that nothing breaks after migration. This includes identifying the applications to be moved, when, and how.

Assess & Plan

Set priorities on a combination of business/technical/infra factors. Once the workload migration sequencing is completed, a pilot phase will be initiated with less complex projects, gradually moving over to more complex tasks (after the less complex projects are migrated).

Microsoft Azure HIPAA Compliance

Nous has in-depth experience in helping customers achieve and maintain compliance. We currently support hundreds of HIPAA Compliant environments for our customers on Azure. As a longstanding Microsoft partner, we have taken our vast expertise in Healthcare/HIPAA compliance and applied it to the Azure cloud. We can assist you in setting up a comprehensive Azure environment that is fully auditable for HIPAA compliance.  

How To

If you deal with PHI data and want to move to Azure, the first step is to obtain a BAA with Microsoft. As your trusted partner, we will help through all the technical steps involved in setting up a HIPAA environment, including Secure Network Layer, Encrypted Storage Layer, and Logging and Auditing processes.

Migrate On-Premises Web Apps to Azure

Nous offers Azure migration services that include technical lift-and-shift to more comprehensive strategic cloud adoption programs. Leverage our easy-to-use Azure App Service migration assistant tool along with the right processes to analyze your on-premises applications and determine their suitability for the cloud. We also offer solutions for elements that cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.    

Tool Assisted

In the case of simple workloads, we can automate the process entirely.

Cloud Quotient

There are multiple considerations while porting an app to the cloud, such as downtime, performance, budget, data loss, and security standards. With in-depth knowledge of these things factors, we can help you build “Cloud Quotient” apps.

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