Microsoft and Nous Infosystems would like to invite you to an interactive workshop to learn the challenges, benefits, and strategies involved in modernizing your applications on Azure.  

Legacy IT applications are the stumbling blocks in enabling agility, scalability and maintaining optimal costs. Embracing innovation using Azure App Services and Kubernetes based on secure DevOps in Azure enables your organization to drive business goals at reduced costs.  

The workshop will contain a combination of high-level and technical content on application modernization on Azure. We will also cover details on ‘Nous Application Modernization assessment,’ a 1-week no-cost assessment that will help analyze and evaluate application workloads to determine those that can be quickly modernized to Azure with minimal or no code changes.

Workshop framework 

  • Session Duration: 90 -120 minutes  
  • Delivery Method: Remote (online) by senior cloud architects.  

Who should attend?   

  • Executives/managers – to understand the business case, challenges, and the various offers from Nous and Microsoft  
  • Architects/Developers – to evaluate the various paths and solutions towards application modernization on Azure 


  • 45 minutes  
    • Introduction, Business case, Application modernization decision tree  
    • How to choose between VMs, Azure Batch, App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Container Instances (ACI), Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)  
    • Secure DevOps on Azure – SAST, DAST, OWASP ZAP – for secure and faster SDLC  
    • Microsoft CAF best practices  
  • 30 minutes  
    • Demo – Application Modernized on Azure  
    • 30 minutes  
    • Solutions, Resources, and Nous’ App Modernization Assessment offer 
  • 15 minutes  
    • Q&A, Next steps  

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