Full stack AWS to Azure migration with Nous A2Z™

Accelerates AWS to Azure migrations at reduced risks, costs, and complexities 

Nous’ A2Z is a Microsoft ‘Co-sell prioritized ‘solution to migrate network, storage, database, virtual machines, and application workloads from AWS to Azure at reduced risks, costs, and complexities.  

The tool first discovers the existing AWS environment then provides the user with the option to select the workloads to be migrated to Azure.  

Explore A2Z on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.  

Streamline the Migration of your Workloads to Azure

Solution Features  

User-friendly GUI-based tool

Granular control to discover, assess, and migrate resources

Customizable recommendations to fit requirements

Cloud economics assessment for TCO estimations to compare
AWS vs. Azure environments

Why A2Z  

Accelerated value realization

Reduced migration risks, costs and complexities

Up to 60-65% automation in the migration process

Automated economic assessment and pricing analysis

Cloud Economics Assessment and POC for AWS to Azure Migration  

Azure CAF governance workshop

Proof of concept to migrate selected workloads from AWS to Azure using A2Z tool

Implementation roadmap/proposal for a full AWS to Azure migration


Why Nous?

proven success
skilled workforce
 tailored solution
region specific

Over 25 years of seasoned leadership in AWS to Azure migration, ensuring a seasoned approach to cloud transition.

Concrete proof of concept showcases prowess, demonstrating successful AWS to Azure workload migrations.

An adept workforce that has a blend of main mastery and technical finesse for a flawless AWS to Azure migration experience.

Unmatched solutions catering to diverse entities, empowering startups and enterprises for seamless cloud success.

Leverage in-depth regional knowledge, enhancing the relevance and impact of AWS to Azure migration strategy.

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