Cortana intelligence suite. Leveraging the right tools

If you are still using RDBMS for Analytics, read on. By building a DWH & BI using traditional methods, the chances are that, it may be inefficient, slow or difficult to maintain. RDBMS are built for guaranteeing a transaction’s ACID property and not meant for Analytics. Azure Cortana offers a significant opportunity for innovation in traditional line-of-business and modern social, mobile, and data applications. The breadth of services Cortana Intelligence offers—a number of analytics services ranging from Azure Machine Learning to Microsoft Azure HDInsight, to Azure Stream Analytics to analyze the data stored in big data storage services.  

Azure HDInsight

Microsoft Azure HDInsight enables to work with massive amounts of data – billions of data points – using the power of distributed processing. It provides a functionality to pre-process and shape that data into a form that can be easily consumed by Azure ML.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services APIs allow developers to embed AI in their applications to enable those apps to see, speak, understand, and interpret the needs of users with just a few lines of code. It works across devices and platforms, and with continuous enhancement, it is easy to set up.

Low Code Development

Gone are the days where people wrote traditional hand-coding programs. Cloud is all about improving productivity and one of the ways Cloud achieves this by PowerApps. It is a software to build custom business applications with less custom coding. The run time for desktop, web, and mobile apps is incredibly powerful and backed by Azure. In addition, it also integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products like SharePoint and Office 365.  

Accelerate Delivery to the Market

PowerApps is designed to bring fast development to business applications, reducing time to the solution from months to days and empowering a new category of app creators. Creating Apps using connectors for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce is now easy with PowerApps.

Extend Your Dynamics 365

If you need an integrated view by connecting to multiple sources, PowerApps allows you to do that easily. The Dynamics 365 app doesn’t. If you want to automate processes straight from your App, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps is the right choice. PowerApps help you build utility apps quickly without the burden of using complex SDK’s.

SharePoint Online & Exchange Migration

If you intend to migrate SharePoint on-premise, IBM Lotus Notes or Exchange, don’t rely on tools alone. Using only tools to migrate SharePoint to Office 365, can present some roadblocks. Our solution goes beyond using just the tools, we can connect the dots and provide you with a comprehensive solution for Azure Office 365.

Every process to migrate SharePoint to Office 365 is different. While many aspects of the process can be standardized and automated using the tools, there are instances where a tool based approach wouldn’t sufficiently address the entire migration requirements. It may need full service consulting or development that goes beyond established migration process, Talk to us.


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