Migrate seamlessly from Cognos to Power BI

Report migration is a complex, manual process that can be daunting for organizations with large report libraries. Nous has extensive experience in migrating Cognos reports to Power BI and enabling customers to take advantage of Power BI’s self-service features and cost benefits. We have also built a migration tool that automates the report migration process.

NousMigrator™ for Cognos to Power BI

NousMigrator™ for Cognos to Power BI auto-migrates reports from Cognos to Power BI Paginated. It helps reduce risks of human error and the time to market per report. The tool, along with our migration processes, reduces effort by 30-70%. The extent of automation and reduction in effort depends on the complexity of the Cognos reports.

Our Three-step Migration Process Assures the Fastest Time to Market 

Pre-migration: Rationalize and analyze

Perform a rationalization assessment to reduce the number of Cognos reports to be migrated by removing redundant reports and consolidating reports where possible

Finalize a list of Cognos reports for migration

Analyze existing Cognos environment to study underlying data sources and models

Migration: Categorize and migrate

Categorize the reports based on migration complexity into simple, medium, and complex categories

Identify if Power BI interactive reports or paginated reports are suitable for the corresponding Cognos reports

Assess the extent of automation that can be achieved for report migration

Develop Power BI dataflows and datasets

Migrate select reports using Nous Migrator™ for Cognos to Power BI

Post-migration: Validation

Manually modify the auto-migrated reports to complete the migration and run the reports

Validate all migrated reports with source Cognos reports

Get Started with a 3-week Assessment and Proof of Concept 

Migrate 3 Cognos reports of varying complexity from your report library to Power BI.

At the end of 3 weeks, you will get

  • 3 Cognos reports fully migrated to Power BI paginated
  • High-level migration roadmap for a complete migration
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Why Nous?

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Harness decades of migration proficiency, ensuring a smooth transition to Power BI’s dynamic capabilities.

Our certified experts blend extensive experience with migration-specific knowledge, delivering error-free solutions.

From startups to industry giants, we adapt our migration strategies to fit the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Leverage our localized expertise to enhance Power BI migration with insights tailored to the region.

Benefit from our cutting-edge tech solutions, empowering Cognos to Power BI migration journey.



Cognos to Power BI paginated reports migration

Gain a comprehensive overview of Cognos Reports and compare it with the more interactive and powerful Power BI.


Nousmigrator™ for Cognos to Power BI

Reduce the effort involved in migrating to Power BI by 30% to 70% with NousMigrator™ for Cognos to Power BI.

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