Fast track your migration from Tableau to Power BI

Tableau to Power BI migration is rarely straightforward. There are different approaches, each with its comprehensive list of pros and cons, which makes narrowing it down to any one even more challenging. As Microsoft’s go-to Power BI migration partner, we can help you make the right choice and migrate your reports to Power BI faster, with zero impact on business.

Based on our extensive Power BI migration experience, we have built assets that reduce migration costs and risks. If you are considering migrating to Power BI, we recommend you try out our complimentary migration cost calculator.

Evaluating Migration to Power BI?

Try our complimentary migration cost calculator – PowerAssist™, to estimate potential savings, payback period, and ROI.

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Our Migration Process

Our Tableau to Power BI migration process leverages two powerful assets we have built

Feature Mapping Checklists and Best Practices Templates

Mapping features between Tableau and Power BI can be a stumbling block in the migration process. Our architects use checklists to ensure 1:1 feature mapping across all areas, including data models, calculated fields, filters and transformations, time intelligence, connection type, and more. Our best practices templates minimize errors in the migration and facilitate fast user adoption.

NousMigrator™ for Tableau to Power BI

NousMigrator™ automates the migration of data extracts to Power BI data sets, including all relationships and measures. The tool also allows users to make manual modifications to the data set before publishing it. The tool enables up to 70% faster data extracts migration from Tableau to Power BI.

Get Started with a 3-week Assessment and Proof of Concept 

Migrate 2 Tableau reports of varying complexity from your report library to Power BI. In just three weeks, we will deliver:

  • 2 Tableau reports recreated in Power BI
  • Full migration roadmap, including estimated timelines and magnitude of spend
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Why Nous?

tailored solution
region specific

Navigate Tableau to Power BI migration confidently with Nous, backed by over 25 years of analytics expertise.

Experience the power of migration assets – PowerAssist™ and NousMigrator™ – proven to reduce costs and risks.

Seasoned architects and experts ensure flawless feature mapping, guaranteeing fast user adoption.

Whether startup or enterprise, Nous tailors migration solutions, ensuring a seamless transition to Power BI.

Benefit from Nous’ regional insights for precise Tableau to Power BI migration, zeroing in on unique needs.



Accelerate migration & modernize to Power BI

Watch the NousMigrator™ acceleration tool and cost calculator in action for a seamless Tableau to Power BI migration.

Case Study

Simple, clean, and cost-effective reporting through Power BI migration

Enabled a leading semiconductor manufacturer to ensure faster and cost-efficient reporting by migrating to Power BI.


Tableau to Power BI migration

Accelerate the migration of Tableau dashboards and infrastructure to Power BI while reducing overall migration costs.

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