Improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty with our Dynamics CRM consulting services

Transform your CRM experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s not just a system of records anymore; it’s an intelligent, adaptive, and mobile platform that empowers enterprises.  

Unleash the goldmine of customer information within your CRM to enhance customer satisfaction, boost loyalty, and supercharge your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support teams.  

With features like Business Intelligence, Field Services, Social Collaboration, and Social Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM revolutionizes customer experience. Streamline your business, increase profitability, and choose between cloud and on-premises platforms. Say goodbye to outdated versions – migrate to MS Dynamics CRM 2016/O365 for ongoing support and access to cutting-edge features. Don’t get left behind – embrace the future of CRM.

Experience Enhanced Social Engagement with Dynamics 365’s Social Engagement Tool, Offering

Multilingual support and integration with top social media platforms

Advanced Sentiment Analysis leveraging machine-learning models

Streamlined social center for organizing and managing conversations

Powerful Social CRM for competitor analysis and direct interaction with customers on Twitter and Facebook 


Contact Center

Enable timely customer case resolution and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales Automation

Keep tab on your high value opportunities and never let any opportunity slip by.

Marketing Automation

Send campaigns to increase your market reach and keep tab of ROI on campaigns.

Platform Migration

Migrate from disparate CRM systems or upgrade from one platform to another.

Social Listening

Proactively connect on social media to gain insight on how people feel about your business.


Unlock the full potential of customer relationship management with Nous, the experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting Services. From developing a comprehensive CRM roadmap to seamless implementation, user adoption enhancements, and beyond, we’ve got you covered. 

Specialized Dynamics CRM solutions cater to enterprises of all sizes, spanning small, medium, and large segments. Whether it’s implementing from scratch, custom extensions, tailored portals, or mobile integration, expect top-notch solutions for unique business needs.  

Key Service Offerings 

CRM Readiness Assessment & Roadmap

Green Field Implementations – Cloud & On-Premises 

Social Engagement using MSE

Parature Implementation for Customer Care 

Field Services Implementation 

Support and Enhancement Services 

Data Migration & Integration services 

Platform Migration 

Customization and Custom Development 

Platform Upgrade 

On Premise to Online conversions 

User Adoption Improvement Services 

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Empower your CRM with proven strategies, driving satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Uniting certified specialists and tech finesse to elevate customer engagement and efficiency.

Fuel your CRM revolution with our cutting-edge solutions, propelling you to new heights.

Tailored Dynamics 365 solutions co-craft success, prosperity, and customer-centric delight.

Certified resources blend knowledge, steer experiences, and amplify efficiency through insights.


Case Study

CRM implementation for a global insurance company in the US

Implemented a Microsoft CRM Dynamics solution, enabling high visibility into the sales pipeline and marketing initiatives.

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