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Delivering exceptional user experiences has become a crucial market differentiator for enterprises wanting to ensure faster customer acquisition and better retention. However, the inability to incorporate new-age UX design strategies that meet business objectives often limits enterprises from delighting customers.

Nous leverages digital experience design strategies that link data to design, systems to stories, and insights to outcomes to drive value across digital touchpoints. 


UX Research

UX Research

Discovery Research

Stakeholder Interviews

User Interviews and Personas

User and Task Analysis

Environmental Analysis

User Journey Maps

Contextual Inquiry

Surveys and Focus Groups

Specialized UX Reviews

Specialized UX Reviews

Expert Review

Heuristic Evaluations

Internationalization Review

Competitor Benchmark Review

Accessibility Review

UX Writing Review

Usability Testing

A/B Testing

Product Design

Product Design

Wireframing and Prototype Development

Information Architecture

UX Design

UX Standards Definition

Visual Design

PET Design

Data Visualization

Voice User Interface (VUI)


Generative & Predictive Design

Why Nous?

unveil tomorrow
global insights
technology nexus
certified mastery

Transformative UX expertise honed over 20 years. Bridge business goals and user satisfaction through ingenious design.

Seasoned workforce crafting digital solutions. Collaborate with enterprises of all sizes, tailoring success.

Region-specific domain mastery fused with global knowledge. Design experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

Pioneering Center for Technological Excellence. Forge revolutionary digital pathways for unmatched value.

Certified specialists at the intersection of tech and domain. Develop bespoke accelerators for seamless transformations.



Inclusive design and ADA – implementation strategy

Deep dive into the benefits of inclusive design & ADA compliance for enterprises and some quick ways to achieve it.

Case Study

Credit evaluation and appraisal system for a leading corporate bank

Designed and developed a SharePoint-based solution, leveraging its built-in capabilities to enhance various functions.


Creating positive customer experience in banking

Gain insights into evolving customer behavior, growing business constraints, and elements to improve banking customer experience.

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