Unlock customer engagement with enterprise mobility

Mobile innovations are continuously evolving and reshaping today’s business and technology landscape. Engaging, device agnostic, and business-driven mobile experiences are key for enterprises looking to differentiate their business from the competition. 

With expertise in cross-platform frameworks and mobile-first design strategies, we help deliver powerful, cost-effective, and secure enterprise mobility solutions. Nous’ enterprise mobility consultants conduct continuous research on best practices, industry trends, and emerging mobility technologies to develop impactful mobility solutions that drive enterprise growth. 


Design & Strategy

Mobile UX

Mobile analytics

MVP development

Mobile COE setup

Native Development

iOS and Android development

Apps for smart TVs and wearables

VR and AR development

Cross-Platform Development

Apps using React Native, Flutter, Xamarin

Hybrid and mobile web apps

Application Maintenance

Application upgrade

App migrations

Multi-OS device management

Configuration and deployment

Automation Capabilities


Reusable code snippets/controls for social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), GPS, camera, address book, and more.


Covers expert reviews and mobile app optimization based on speed, memory, usability, security, and user experience for better app ratings.


Database and API-handler based components.

Sky Mobile

Cloud enablement of the mobile apps, single codebase, HTML5 cloud-based solution.

Why Nous?

crafting seamless

Utilizing over two decades of experience to create tailored solutions, ensuring transformative digital experiences on all fronts.

Driving banking evolution with a fusion of industry insights and technological finesse. Elevating operational prowess and delighting customers.

Fueled by a Technology Excellence Center, we lead in crafting banking solutions that navigate the digital age with precision.

From banking giants to startups, our solutions empower all, co-creating prosperity and fostering enduring customer satisfaction.

Certified resources synthesize banking acumen with technical mastery. Steering customer experiences and driving efficiency through data analytics.



How AI/ML based mobile Apps are disrupting industries

Explore why mobile is suitable for implementing AI/ML functionalities with real-world examples and use cases across industries.

Case Study

Improved emergency evacuation time by 20% for a global infrastructure planner

Developed a cross-platform mobile app for emergency evacuation management, improving emergency evacuation time by 20%.

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