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Technology drives the modern workplace, and digitally-engineered applications are consistently creating new growth avenues for businesses. Reimagining the technology portfolio has become imperative to ensure enhanced operational efficiency, superior product and service quality, and profitable growth. 

Nous user interface design services enable businesses to redefine their technology portfolio using the latest UI frameworks and innovative digital design and engineering tools. With in-depth knowledge of a variety of advanced frameworks, our experts will help you build seamless and responsive interfaces, deploy exceptional experiences, and capture increasing digital touchpoints. 


Strategy and Consulting

UI framework strategy

Development roadmap

ADA-compliant development

UI Engineering

Front-end development

Back-end development

Web development

UI Modernization

Product modernization

Framework migration

Legacy modernization

Omnichannel Development

Responsive web development

Progressive web apps

Why Nous?

crafting interfaces
elevating experiences
empowering UI
Localized UI
Tailored UI

Designing UIs that resonate with users’ desires, building meaningful connections through visually captivating experiences.

Merging 2 decades of UI expertise with innovative frameworks to elevate user experiences, fostering engagement and loyalty.

From startups to enterprises, we fuel UI excellence with scalable solutions, enabling businesses to capture digital landscapes.

Tapping into region-specific insights, we sculpt UIs that seamlessly blend cultural context with cutting-edge functionality.

Certifying resources, we create custom UI accelerators, amplifying efficiency and propelling businesses toward success.



How to move ahead after AngularJS

Understand the impact of AngularJS end-of-support and how teams can strategize web development initiatives.

Case Study

Enhanced fund processing efficiency for a leading US-based bank

Redesigned existing web app to eliminate dependency on the legacy FX system, significantly improving performance.


Creating ADA-Compliant business websites – opportunities and requirements

Understand the benefits of building ADA-compliant websites, the opportunities they bring, and guidelines to help ensure compliance.

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