March 26, 2024 | The Heldrich, New Jersey

Nous Infosystems is excited to be a part of the ServiceNow User Group (SNUG) New Jersey event. Meet us there to witness the future of AI-driven business automation. Learn how we leverage AI-driven automation and generative AI in ServiceNow to automate daily tasks, enable employee self-service options, optimize technology service operations, and proactively identify service issues before they affect users.

At the event, we will be showcasing transformative AI solutions:

  • Solutions built on AIML for intelligent experiences, automation, and optimization.
  • Combining AI capabilities with the Now Platform to automate repetitive tasks and deliver relevant information, predictions, and recommendations.
  • Generative AI-based solutions to transform experiences, increase productivity, and accelerate agility within organizations.

Schedule a meeting to dive deeper into the possibilities and unlock the full potential of automation and generative AI for your organization! Learn more about Nous’ ServiceNow capabilities here.

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