Leveraging corporate banking technology to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations

Enhance accessibility, automate business processes, and migrate legacy systems with custom-made corporate banking software solutions. Our experience in core banking, payments, risk, and more helps us deliver agile digital solutions that exceed expectations. Stabilize mission-critical apps and eliminate outages with 24/7 support. 


Core Banking Transformation

Re-engineer outdated tech functions and seamlessly enhance mission-critical apps with continuous support to minimize production outages.

Revenue Management

Improve customer experience with relationship-based pricing for financial products and provide real-time pricing customization with corporate banking solutions.

Multi-Channel Banking

Unleash the potential of data with tailored Business Intelligence & Analytics solution for corporate banks and features like track KPIs and cross-sell products.

Application Testing

Provide test management services for complex systems with mainstream domain and technology expertise in digital corporate banking solutions.

Why Nous?

tailored solution
banking evolution
acceptable excellence
tailored solution
propelling banks

Elevate banking experiences with custom solutions, forging transformative digital journeys.

Domain and tech masters steer banking’s evolution, harnessing data insights for lasting transformation.

Empower banks of all sizes with flexible solutions, sculpting shared success stories and delighted customers.

Infuse regional know-how into global banking strategies, expanding horizons while staying rooted.

Drive digital revolution through pioneering tech, propelling banks toward unrivaled excellence


Case Study

Core Banking Transformation for One of the Largest European Banks

Re-engineered and reverse-engineered the traditional core banking app, enabling major technical and functional enhancements.

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