Enabling digital transformation in retail banking

The retail banking landscape is undergoing rapid digital transformation driven by technology adoption by customers. Retail banks are embracing an omni-channel strategy to deliver a consistent and unified experience across all channels. Nous provides innovative retail banking software solutions that help leading banks transform operations and offer differentiated services. Our proven methodologies enable banks to leverage technology to gather business and customer intelligence, stay ahead of the competition, and gain market share. Nous service portfolio includes consultation, implementation, transformation, and testing services that meet your unique needs.


Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation, drive innovation, improve performance, modernize solutions, and stay competitive with digital retail banking strategies.

Mobile Banking

Deliver seamless digital retail banking experience across channels and connect with major banking systems to get advanced features like P2P payments & remote bill pay.

Workflow Automation

Gold-certified by Microsoft; automate risk assessment, invoice processing, loan approvals, and more with SharePoint-based retail banking IT solutions.

Card Fraud Management

Achieve optimal analytics and speed with cutting-edge retail banking software solutions and combat ever-changing card fraud through predictive, neural, and rule-based models.

Customer Experience

Proprietary frameworks to enhance customer experience for retail banks and expertise in addressing usability challenges.

Why Nous?

seamless retail banking
banking evolution
Tech excellence
Empowering bank
certified resources

Tailored solutions, global insight, and region-specific expertise for transformative digital journeys.

Uniting domain knowledge and tech finesse to amplify customer engagement and operational prowess.

Fueling digital revolution with cutting-edge tech, propelling banks toward unrivalled excellence.

Elevate growth with adaptable solutions, co-crafting prosperity and customer delight.

Uncover data treasures, steer customer experiences, and boost efficiency through analytics.

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