Delivering successful digital transformation in investment banking through efficient operations

Investment bankers worldwide face challenges due to lack of multiple trade platforms, and incompetent risk management. Nous is an investment banking technology partner with consultants, domain, and technology experts providing business strategy and consulting services. We enable investment bankers to re-architect legacy systems, manage complex IT systems, measure & mitigate risks, and provide personalized client services through comprehensive investment banking IT solutions.


Front Office Services

Front office expertise from client to trade management. Customizable frameworks and mobile channels for enhanced operations and easy application accessibility.

Middle and Back-Office Services

Empowering investment banking with custom trading systems, clearing settlement, reconciliation, and trade confirmation services for high profitability.

Risk Management

Measure and manage credit, market, operational, and liquidity risk with unified in-house tools.

Application Testing

Accelerate test processes with business processes and test cases library to get high-end testing services for financial products compliance.

Why Nous?

Financial technology
Unleash banking
Pioneering banking
Empowering banking
Banking-tech prowess

Crafting bespoke digital solutions for thriving investment banking domains.

Fusing domain acumen with cutting-edge tech skills for enhanced operational agility.

Igniting a digital revolution with avant-garde technology, steering banks toward unparalleled excellence.

Flexible solutions co-crafted to nurture growth, amplify customer delight, and foster operational brilliance.

Unveiling data insights, optimizing customer experiences, and elevating efficiency through analytical expertise.


Case Study

Redesigned application architecture for a financial services solutions provider

Redesigned the app architecture and deployed migration services to optimize the performance of the flagship analytics solution.

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