Achieving greater efficiency through healthcare payer services

Healthcare solutions are evolving with time, and they are expected to handle both medical and non-medical aspects. Well-defined and advanced digital solutions are a must to secure health data, ensure safe payments, and improve communication. Nous has progressive methodologies that enable employees to communicate with members, seamlessly process claims, and effortlessly manage data regardless of physical distance.


Care/Disease Management

Reduce unnecessary health care costs and provide cost-effective outcomes through assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation.

Claims Management

Achieve complete claims processing automation, faster access to customer information without compromising on the security of private medical information.

Cost Management

Improve outcomes of both quality care and rational costs through cost management and automated claims surveillance with strategic financial intervention.

EDI Modernization

Provide quality services and comply with regulatory requirements and achieve integration between payers and providers through EDI solutions and proprietary VANs.

Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplaces (HIX)

Facilitate coverage expansion with the ACA health insurance exchanges, and marketplaces, which allows to choose among competitive plans.

ICD-10 Compliance (Remediation)

Enable integration between payers and providers through EDI solutions and proprietary VANs for exchanging claims, eligibility, and payment advice information.

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Tailored solutions, compliance assurance, and market expansion for efficient healthcare journeys.

Unifying domain knowledge and tech excellence to enhance payer engagement and operational efficiency.

Igniting digital transformation with cutting-edge technology, propelling payers toward unmatched efficiency.

Amplify growth with adaptable solutions, collaboratively shaping prosperity and customer satisfaction.

Unlock insights, optimize experiences, and boost efficiency through data-driven solutions.

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