Delivering high quality care with innovative IT solutions 

Healthcare solutions are evolving with time, and they are expected to handle both medical and non-medical aspects. Well-defined and advanced digital solutions are a must to secure health data, ensure safe payments, and improve communication. Nous has progressive methodologies that enable employees to communicate with members, seamlessly process claims, and effortlessly manage data regardless of physical distance.


Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

Drive and sustain improvement to make value-based care a priority by accepting financial risk for both the quality and cost of health care.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Develop healthcare systems which are interoperable with almost any other healthcare systems and seamlessly mobilize health information.

ICD-10 Transformation

Migrate existing systems, track diseases, diagnose accurately to enhance quality healthcare also identify diseases easily with ICD-10 and its set of codes.

Meaningful USE

Provide quality healthcare and better patient outcomes with meaningful use (MU) certification and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


FAccelerate response time in remote areas with modern information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Revenue Cycle Management

Evaluate existing systems with the latest technology and create a simplified, integrated workflow to ensure hassle-free claims approval.

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Transforming the journeys through advanced tech, cost-effective strategies, and compliance prowess.

Harmonizing domain expertise and technology finesse, amplifying payer satisfaction and efficiency.

Our Excellence Center drives healthcare progress, cultivating bespoke solutions for payer success.

Ignite expansion with tailor-made tools, forging success stories and seamless customer interactions.

Harness data insights, elevate experiences, and drive excellence through personalized analytics.

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