Salesforce recently introduced intelligence for marketing through Datorama – a robust platform that enables teams to connect all their data and gain insights to improve ROI and growth across the business. Datorama has the following components that work together to provide powerful marketing insights:

Data Integration Engine

The integration engine is built specifically for marketers and not IT users. Marketers can pull out information from different sources, including data management, marketing analytics, campaign management, social media, sales, and other platforms. It consists of the following building blocks:

  • Extensive APIs for marketing data – A library of marketing APIs, which includes popular databases, cloud storage platforms, and big data environments. The APIs cover the full spectrum of the martech and adtech ecosystem and comprise data sources including search, social, display, video, web analytics, CRM, email, and more. By selecting the platform connector, you can automate the data integration directly and update incrementally at the interval of your choosing.
  • Data unification with marketers’ vision – It offers a cross-channel overview for KPIs, metrics, and classifications that demonstrate what is working and what is not across campaigns, channels, and more. The dynamic data model offers the required marketing data expertise. With deep domain knowledge and media knowledge, it presents data in a fashion that fits together and automates the organization. It adapts as your data sources grow, to integrate new data, tools, and teams in real-time.
  • AI-powered data integration – Using machine learning intelligence to analyze data files, it automates data cleansing and data modeling mapping – steps that require advanced manual skillsets. It also includes job scheduling for ongoing data updates via email and SFTP.
  • Custom defined KPIs and classifications – The semantic layer expands the scope of the platform, allowing marketers to modify their data model and business logic in real-time across KPIs and classifications. These activities, otherwise highly technical, are now under the control of marketers, agencies, and publishers who know how their business runs best. All the KPIs and classification rules are defined in business language, enabling marketers to easily manage them. This layer is an important part of the platform that allows for creating a single source of truth for all dashboards, reports, and insights for cross-channel marketing analytics.
  • Integration and visualization – Data can also be integrated into the platform for instant visualization using LiteConnect. This data is logically separated and resides independently within the platform, giving marketers the flexibility to visualize data without having to perform any data mapping.

Insights Engine

A visualization tool that offers optimized reporting using AI-powered insights. It offers a holistic view of the marketing data, allowing the user to make smarter decisions. The engine enables users to monitor and report all marketing data in a unified platform, providing key stakeholders with respective KPIs and drill-downs.

  • Intuitive dashboards and reports – Build dashboards and reports that centralize KPIs and calculation management, using drag and drop techniques. The platform allows users to build the right dashboards for the key stakeholders and contributors of the organization. This enables the teams to collaborate and make better decisions and effectively track and improve marketing KPIs.
  • Automated KPIs and insights – The required KPIs and insights are automated using one-click dashboards. These are pre-built for top marketing data sources. These dashboards automate discovery and analysis to achieve modeling and visualization in a single step. SmartLenses bring many of the popular marketing data sources such as Facebook, Marketo, Google AdWords, Moat, etc. This allows for in-depth KPIs, performance trends, campaign analysis, and segment-wise drill-downs.
  • AI-powered insights – Using automated regression modeling and statistical analysis Einstein Marketing Insights brings insights straight to your fingertips. With this approach, key insights rise to the top while showing optimization paths forward.
  • Advanced analytics – It provides embedded predictive and statistical modeling for custom calculations and models. Performance prediction and best forecasting models can be derived from pre-set models in just one click.

Activation Engine

The engine allows users to move beyond data visualization to taking action. It delivers intelligent goal monitoring, collaboration, and workflow automation across marketing technologies being used.

  • Real-time automation – Action center allows users to automate the marketing stack and increase productivity, and also promotes collaboration. Action centre facilitates marketing workflows to keep campaigns on track. Marketing budgets can be automated across channels. It also allows for connection to tools such as Twilio, IFITTT, Slack, and Webhook.
  • Interact with data – The platform offers the flexibility to communicate with your data by providing full API access to export data using standard tools such as Tableau or MS Excel. Amazon Alexa integration is also built-in to enable users to ask questions.
  • Enhanced collaboration – Datorama allows team collaboration on a dashboard level using downloadable reports or image files. Visualization updates can be done with live embeddable links using filterable data. Slack can also be integrated for easy communication.

App Marketplace

The marketplace allows for discovery and access to out-of-the-box marketing solutions that are user friendly and can be deployed instantly.

Raghu Paripati
VP - COC Strategy & Solutions

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