Customer Onboarding: An Approach using MuleSoft Hyperautomation

Document verification is simply the process of verifying whether a document — such as a bank statement, employment record, business document, etc. — is authentic or not. While document verification can occur in physical and digital spaces, the term mostly refers to online or digital document verification.

The process of document verification typically involves the below steps:

  • The user supplies information about themselves as part of the account creation process. This information can vary from business to business but may include the individual’s name, address, date of birth, SSN, etc.
  • Where necessary, the user is then asked to provide one (or multiple) document that can verify the information provided. For example, a piece of mail may be requested to verify an individual’s address and a birth certificate to verify their age and date of birth.
  • The provided document is verified to ensure that it is authentic and not forged.
  • If the document is successfully verified, it can act as evidence that the information provided by the individual is truthful.

Document verification is found useful across every industry. However, financial institutions such as Banks, credit unions, lenders, NBFC and insurers use it relatively more to verify customer identity as part of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

MuleSoft Hyper Automation solution in Lead capturing, document extraction and verification

The lead capturing process begins with customers providing information through various channels such as the web, telephone, WhatsApp, and Facebook. After validation of the lead, customer representatives extend invitations to the customers, who subsequently complete necessary forms with required ID proofs and documents. The images below depict the flow in which the process occurs.

MuleSoft Hyper Automation then captures and extracts Information and content from the documents, populating the CRM system. In cases of document mismatch or corruption, alert emails are sent to the customer. The system triggers events that validate submitted information from authorities, including SSN, credit score, and bank statement verification. Customer representatives review the status, marking it as approved or rejected. Upon approval, customers are integrated into the banking/financial system.

MuleSoft Hyper Automation Solution can interact with all the authorities to validate the customer’s credentials with negligible human intervention. If any steps go sideways, the respective person will be notified using APIs.

Below are the advantages that this solution offers –

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: The solution helps businesses produce more products or services in less time, increasing productivity and efficiency. This can be achieved by automating repetitive tasks, which frees human workers to focus on more complex or strategic tasks.
  • Improved quality: It helps to improve the quality of products or services by reducing errors and ensuring that products are consistently produced to a high standard since automated systems are not susceptible to human errors, such as fatigue or boredom.
  • Reduced costs: It helps reduce costs by automating tasks currently performed by human workers. This can lead to lower labour costs and savings on materials and other resources.
  • Improved safety: The hyper automation solution removes humans from hazardous or repetitive tasks. This can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and improve the overall safety of the working environment.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability: Businesses will be more flexible and scalable. This is because automated systems can be easily adapted to changes in demand or production requirements.
  • 24/7 operation: The solution can operate 24/7, which can help businesses meet demand for products or services around the clock.


MuleSoft Hyper Automation develops an ever-evolving process by increasing automation and improving its capabilities. The combination of intelligence and automation provides the capacity and adaptability required to automate even the most difficult processes, such as undocumented procedures that depend on unstructured data. It mobilizes businesses’ potential to collaborate for future business outcomes and goals by connecting workers, systems, and automation robots. As a leading MuleSoft partner, learn how we help financial institutions leverage MuleSoft Hyper Automation Solution to streamline document verification.

B Pattabhi
Technical lead, Enterprise Integration

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