Personalization is a popular trend that organizations have rapidly adopted to enhance customer experiences. However, most businesses identify technology as one of the top barriers when trying to personalize their content. According to surveys, 30% of marketers say personalization is their highest priority, but 59% say they are unable to find the right technology to personalize their content. Content creation is still the core for marketing, but marketers are now more focused on how to make content more relevant and customized for individual customers. Messaging, web design, and call-to-action are now crafted keeping in mind the individual customer experience, preference, and need.

Why Sitecore?

Sitecore is Gartner’s top pick for enterprise-level Customer Experience Platforms. Personalization and behavioral profiling capabilities of Sitecore have received top ratings from research experts, establishing Sitecore as a one-stop solution for all marketing and CMS activities such as content creation, workflow approvals, previewing, publishing, testing, personalization, marketing automation, and analytics.

Getting started with personalization using Sitecore

Building the strategy – Success in the long run for any business technological enhancement is achievable when there is a core strategy right from the start. There are some key strategic elements that stakeholders should discuss and document.

  • Goals that act as triggers based on users accessing a page or performing a specific action (such as a button click)
  • Engagement value scoring that helps analytics by creating reports that are more relevant to your business and can further enhance personalization
  • Campaigns that connect multichannel (online and offline) activity to user activity over sessions on your web content and back to the campaign
  • Marketing taxonomy or a set of tags that you can define and apply to goals, campaigns, assets, etc. These also give valuable insights into Sitecore analytics and can drive personalization.

Executing the personalization plan – In Sitecore, personalization will be driven by both explicit and implicit behaviors. You can create a unique customer journey through both rules-based and behavior-based personalization. Below information can give you an idea of what explicit and implicit behaviors convey.

  • Explicit behavior is shown when visitors act or submit data, such as voting in a survey, searching for specific keywords, marking or saving an item as favorite, initiating a purchase, or filling out a form. Rule-based personalization can be improved by adapting explicit behavioral traits.
  • Implicit behavior is shown when a visitor checks out a specific webpage or follows a specific site path. Predictive personalization can be improved by adapting implicit behavioral activities.

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Chetan Gopal Warke
Manager – Strategic Initiatives Operations

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