Customer is a specialty insurance provider products in the U.S. provide a diverse set of specialty, niche-market insurance products in the property, casualty, life and health insurance sectors. Customer develops, underwrites, and markets specialty insurance, extended service contracts and other risk management solutions in collaborative relationships with financial institutions, retailers, automobile dealers, utilities, funeral homes and other entities.

What did Nous Offer?

Nous strategic solution to the customer revolves more around tailored customizations to address specific needs of the customer. Few of the highlighting features of the solution include:

  • Reduction of 40% migration time compared to manual migration
  • Broad analysis of integrated data that can be “sliced and diced” in an infinite manner
  • Developed custom tools for migration of existing SharePoint 2010 BI implementation to SharePoint 2013
  • Standardized of BI and Collaboration sites using corporate guidelines of branding

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