As a unified, scalable platform for self-service BI, Power BI has proven to be the tool of choice for organizations, with many migrating to Power BI from their existing BI tools, like Tableau, to tap into its vast potential. However, before embarking on the migration journey, businesses must understand the typical challenges involved in a Tableau to Power BI migration.

Watch this webcast to discover how migration from Tableau to Power BI can be performed faster and at much-lowered risks, costs, and complexities through template-based migration, aided by best practices and tools. Explore the different aspects of migration – from ROI calculation and Power BI vs. Tableau cost to actual migration and post-migration adoption. Also, see the NousMigrator™ acceleration tool and cost calculator in action.

Key highlights of the webcast:

  • Best practices and feature mapping checklists
  • NousMigrator™ for Tableau to Power BI migration acceleration – Demo
  • Tableau to Power BI migration cost calculator – Demo

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