Testing your web and mobile applications is key to ensuring that they work as expected, but testing across different browsers and devices can take time and significant investments in manpower and infrastructure.

With TestComplete – CrossBrowserTesting – BitBar integration, you can scale your functional UI tests created in TestComplete to 2000+ browsers, configurations, and devices. The UI test plus bundle from SmartBear enables you to seamlessly build functional tests in TestComplete and scale them to real devices in the cloud.

Watch this webcast to learn how you can scale your UI tests with TestComplete and its connected cloud platforms.

Key highlights of the webcast:

  • Introduction to TestComplete
  • Enhancements to the mobile module including support for modern frameworks and improved object recognition
  • Integration with BitBar for seamlessly testing mobile apps across devices
  • Launch of the new UI test plus bundle, which includes TestComplete Pro, CrossBrowserTesting, and BitBar

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