With customers expecting frictionless and instant access, banks and financial institutions must consistently keep up with the latest trends to meet customer needs promptly. Digital banking solutions like Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) have equipped banks to quickly launch industry-leading functionalities and a seamless, interactive, and relevant customer experience.

The Jack Henry Core Banking ecosystem consists of products ranging from core banking platforms to internet banking and data storage systems that need seamless integration with a bank’s CRM, ERP, and other systems to drive digital initiatives and deliver connected experiences. As one of the leading integration platforms, MuleSoft can be leveraged to accomplish this task.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Nous’ JHA Integration Solution, which consists of architectural design, code templates, mapping information with JHA objects, and standard integration templates that ensure seamless integration between JHA and systems like Salesforce through seamless integration of the Jack Henry banking system.

Key highlights of the webcast:

  • How to overcome the major data accessibility, synchronization, and aggregation challenges
  • Approaching key use cases using the Core Banking Integration Framework
  • How to scale MuleSoft platform-based APIs and templates leveraging the framework
  • Live demo of Nous MuleSoft-based Integration Framework for top core banking systems

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