The need to develop fast and cost-effective applications has given a boost to the rise in low code no code platforms. By enabling professionals with little to no coding expertise to build applications, low code no code platforms allow businesses to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications to meet specific needs. Some of the benefits of low code no code platforms include:

  • 10x faster UI development
  • Up to 67% reduction in the cost of apps
  • Reduced go-to-market time from 5 days to 2 days per screen

Many low code no code platforms for mobile app development are available in the market. Some offer a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface, some implement AI to generate UI code, and some have drag-and-drop code snippets. In this webinar, we will explore some low code no code platforms and answer key questions regarding mobile app development using these platforms.

Key highlights of the webcast:

  • Overview of leading low code no code platforms.
  • Demo of popular low code no code platforms.
  • How do low-code platforms differ from no-code platforms?
  • Can businesses create production-ready apps using low code no code platforms?
  • Will these platforms replace developers, or are they just productivity-enhancing tools?

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