As an organization Nous believes in providing the right forums to develop and nurture future leaders, who can contribute to the overall growth of the organization. We have several unique initiatives in this direction and Sensation is one such program at Nous.Sensation was started to promote employee togetherness and deep-seated involvement with the organization. The main objective of this initiative is to give an employee a “see, hear and touch experience” as being part of the Nous family. Sensation would also act as a platform to encourage better communication between the management and the employees, and also be a part of important decision making.Sensation was kick started in March by Nous CEO & President, Mr. Ajith Pillai. Under this program various initiatives were identified and assigned to employees, identified as key contributors, based on certain parameters. Each group was assigned mentors from the senior management, who helped the teams in setting up the goals and further guide them in achieving the set objectives. The groups meet at regular intervals to chalk out action plans and come up with a set of programs for each of the initiatives.

  • I gift a smile’ is Nous’ approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This group will focus on CSR initiatives, involving voluntary activities and support, reaching out to the underprivileged sections of the society. It would also promote the environmental cause with awareness programs.
  • Imparting learning to the less privileged is yet another initiative close to our hearts. This initiative would also involve setting up an education foundation by Nous that would aim at reaching out to less-advantaged educational institutions and giving them a ray of hope.
  • Focus on corporate health, wellness and personal grooming tops the chart at Nous. This initiative would work towards creating a healthy working environment and work-life balance. It would also identify initiatives to build and foster team work culture in the organization.
  • Internal/ external branding activities and promoting the company’s brand value to both internal and external customers would be the prime focus of yet another Sensation group.
  • Another important initiative is working on strategic management and differentiators for Nous. The results from these analyses would be used in implementing key business decisions and organization-wide activities.
  • The sixth initiative involves identification of the important future focus areas for Nous that would help in greater business generation. This initiative would also pioneer new ideas at work, niche areas and new service lines.

Sensation is a unique and concerted initiative that hopes to generate innovation, vibrancy, enthusiasm and greater participation at Nous!

About Nous Infosystems

Nous Infosystems is a CMMI Level 5 SVC + SSD v1.3 appraised, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 global Information technology firm providing software solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and domains. Nous offers a comprehensive range of software and IT solutions, including applications for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Healthcare and Retail customers. Major offerings include Application Development and Maintenance, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Product Re-Engineering and Independent Testing.

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